5 Myths On Dry Cleaning Service In Singapore

Living in Singapore for business-minded and career-oriented individuals usually means finding a good source of dry cleaningservice that can answer their needs amid busy schedules. Most executives and employed sectors often have to wear outfits with cautionary labels considered too delicate for machine wash and too risky for hand-washing. These warnings (though sometimes misspelled) must be carefully considered as the longevity of the texture or fabric of clothes heavily rely on how one handles them during clean-up. However, you might have come across certain issues that raise your doubts about this type of service.

Here are some of the prominent myths circulating about dry cleaning service nowadays:

Dry Cleaning Service is Costly

So your friend or an office thought. But had it ever occurred to you that you can save hundreds, if not thousands, of your clothing budget when you decide to simply dry clean a seemingly irremovable stain instead of buying a new set of three-piece suit. Compared to today’s rising costs of clothing commodities, reaching out to a neighborhood dry cleaners to maintain fabric and texture of your important clothing is no big deal. Not only will this help save you time and effort but also ensure that you save on added cost of purchasing unnecessary work or business clothes.

Eco-Friendly Ads is Just Purely Promotional

You might think that “eco-friendly” signs posted on independent websites or on actual dry cleaning service establishments are all part of the hype in fighting global warming. But, indeed, these signs are true. The Singaporean regulating agency ensures that solvents used in conventional dry cleaning which are proven harmful to the environment are not used by dry cleaners who market their services as the same. Solvents like perchloroethylene and other harmful substances are checked and re-checked by regulating agencies before giving the establishment a clearance to tag their services as “eco-friendly”. These dry cleaners are keen on using nontoxic substances to ensure not just cleanliness of your clothes but the environment as well. Take note that Singapore is considered to be one of the world’s cleanest nations.

Inconvenience of Going To-and-Fro Cleaners 

If you are a foreign expatriate or someone who migrated to the country due to work, there is a good chance that your place of residence is within earshot of the country’s economic hubs. When it comes to a flourishing country like Singapore, finding dry cleaners can be quite easy. Today, you can easily find a dry cleaning service that offers pick-up and delivery services to make it extra convenient for their clients.

Silk is the Only Specialty
Singapore was once considered a main source of silk and this might be ingrained on your mind. A dry cleaning service, however, offer not just topnotch cleaning service on silk. It also has expertise on various fabrics like cotton, wool, flannel, lace, and so on. The reason behind this could be due to the advances in science and technology paving the way to a more efficient service on various types of clothing materials.

Dry Cleaning Restrict Life of Your Clothes

With the use of eco-friendly materials, a dry cleaning service ensures that proper care is bestowed upon your clothes. Tough stains and other intricacies on your important clothing are best handled by experts. Instead of taking time on soaking stained tops or pants with hot water ruining its texture, dry cleaners have hidden strategies that usually make things easier for you at the least amount time possible.

These five myths in dry cleaning service might have crossed your mind already. But there is one thing considered a bonus when looking at this service it is not actually dry! Wet treatments are necessary on the process. But whether wet or dry, this is one servicethat delivers miracles.

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