5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dry Cleaning For Your Winter Clothes?

Winter clothing is different from other general clothing and requires special attention to help maintain them. The fact that cleaning your winter clothes the wrong way can damage them and shorten their lifespan, opting for dry cleaning winter clothes proves to a perfect option to help protect them and help them look clean and new. In fact, professionals living in countries like Singapore often need to hire services that can help them maintain winter clothes and ease their responsibility awaiting them at home.

Listed below are some reasons why should you choose dry cleaning for your winter clothes:

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Winter Clothes

#1: Clean Winter Clothes Thoroughly

Most winter clothing pieces are not recommended to be used in the washing machine or a dryer and are usually required to be hand washed. This may often leave the clothing with some dirt even after you have washed them. Opting for dry cleaning your winter clothing ensures that they are completely clean and dirt free. Dry cleaners are experts in the field of cleaning clothes. They are familiar with different cleaning products and solution and know the proper way of using them. Dry cleaning your winter clothing helps get rid of all the discoloration and stains found on the clothing and cleans then through, helping them stay fresh and new.

#2: Helps Winter clothes Last Long

Have you wondered why your winter clothes do not last long even when you have washed them properly at home. Wool fibers tend to swell in water and can distort the shape of the winter clothing. In addition, being unaware of the proper technique of cleaning winter clothing (using detergent, wringing or ironing) can often damage the clothes. This is why it is recommended that you choose dry cleaning services. Experts at dry cleaning services are aware about the proper cleaning technique. They know about the chemicals that can be sensitive to your woolen clothes and avoid using them. This helps keep your winter clothing stay in great condition and helps your clothes last long.

#3: Don’t Have to Wait For your Winter Clothes to Dry
The wet climate of Singapore often makes it difficult to dry clothes outside. People have to wait for the clothes to dry to wear them, especially when they are washed at home. However, if you have opted for dry cleaning your winter clothes, you do not have to worry about such things. When you give your winter clothing for dry cleaning, you can be assured that your clothes are not only dried uniformly and quickly, but also remain in good condition. Choosing dry cleaning services will help save you time and will keep you away from buying new winter clothes to help cope up with the drying period.

#4: Keeps Insect Infestation Away

Winter clothes often become a breeding ground for bug larvae before being stored away for the season. When your clothing is infested, wearing them can cause bites and irritation as soon as they happen to come in contact to your skin. The fact that cleaning the infested winter clothes with other clothing by tossing them together in the washing machine can cause the insects make their way in to the other clothing. However, choosing dry cleaning for winter clothing will ensure that all bugs and larvae are removed, keeping your clothes free from infestation.

#5: Economical

Winter clothes are generally very thick and heavy. Washing them at home not only requires you to do lot of work during cleaning, but an also use a lot of cleaning agents, making the cleaning cost higher. However, many dry cleaners, especially in countries like Singapore usually offer very lucrative dry cleaning deals for winter clothes. Dry cleaning your winter clothing will help clean your clothes effectively, saving you the time and money of having to clean them every day.

A dry cleaning service helps professionals in Singapore have more time for themselves and get the task of cleaning their laundry off their back. This is why dry cleaning services are found in every street corner in this country. People living here rarely have to travel miles to get their clothes dry clean. Choosing dry cleaning for your winter clothing is one of the ways to keep your winter clothing from infestation, musty odor, stains and discoloration and helps them look clean and fresh.

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