5 Ways To Clean Your Dirty Curtain

What is the first thing that you notice when you enter your drawing room or bed room? A lot of people would say bed or study table, but many of your will also agree that curtains are actually the first and prime thing that come to our notice. Whether they are drawn or not? We move to a room and our first step is to either put on the light or draw the curtains back. How do you feel if you feel dirt particle on your curtain while you draw them? Do you see that your curtains have lost the sheen and appearance? Chances are that your curtains need to be washed immediately. This may seem like a challenging task for most homeowners, but with right cleaning techniques and methods you can actually make it a smooth, quick and easy process.

First of all, if you want to achieve the best results, it is recommended to hire experts. But if you want you want to save some money, then here 5 tips to clean dirty curtains at home. These tips should get professional like results.

1. Take Them Down And Inspect Properly

This is the first and the foremost step that you should do when planning to wash your curtains at home. A thorough inspection will help you find out the problem spots and other problems that need to be taken care at the time of washing. Check if the curtains are affected by the sun rays. Your curtains may be having sun-rotting complications, especially if you use them on north or east side windows. In case you notice sun rotting on the fabric, as a professional it is advised to avoid washing them as it can lead to tearing.

2. Read Manufacturer’s Instructions On How To Wash Them At Home

This is another important step that you should consider when planning to wash your curtains like a professional. Different fabrics used to make curtains have different properties. Therefore, you need to be very careful about the fabric details before deciding any washing procedure. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the method of washing that is mentioned in it. If you can’t find the manufacturer’s manual for washing, search the internet for similar products from the same brand and read the “washing and care” section.

3. Use Vacuum Cleaner To Get Rid of Loose Particles
On touch, you will feel some loose dust particulate accumulated on the surface of your curtains. Cleaning them efficiently is very important before you actually put your curtains for wet wash. In order to make sure, you are able to remove theme easily, make sure you use a quality dust cleaner. This is also necessary as the dust cleaner will remove the dust particles and enable you wash your curtains in a regular manner without affecting the quality. With this step, you can use your curtains in a shortest possible time after removing.

4. Remove Hair Fabrics Visible On Curtains
After curtain cleaning, especially once you are done with the vacuuming, if you see some foreign particles such as hair, fur of your pet, and other kind of fabric hair, then you need to get them removed. Give a thorough look at the curtains and make sure you are able to clean up all of them. You can use a lint brush to do this job.

5. Select Best Method To Wash Curtains

In case your are using large sized curtains, you may not be able to wash them in a regular way. In such a case, you need to soak them in a bathtub. Washing large curtains in washing machine can lead to unnecessary damages to the fabric. Also, too much load can spoil your washing machine. So, make sure you find the best method to wash your dirty curtains.

Keep in mind all these ways and you should be able to clean your dirty curtains efficiently. However, if you are not feeling comfortable enough, you may seek professional advice. There are many professional curtain cleaning companies that you may consider for this job. A bit of research should help you make a good choice. Weigh out all the pros and cons of washing at home and calling professional help, and you shall be able to make the right choice.

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