6 Mistakes To Avoid On Winter Clothes Cleaning

These 6 mistakes to avoid on winter clothes cleaning will help you to keep your garments looking like new. Many people are eager to remove stains on their clothes when they see them. Unfortunately, some marks are not caught in time while others are inconvenient to attend to instantly. Ketchup, mustard, gravy and other substances that mar linen and softer fabrics are prevalent at holiday gatherings. However most people cannot remove a shirt or blouse and launder these items while at dinner with family and friends.

Mistake Number One – Allowing a Stain to Set
While you will not be able to wash pants or coats immediately, there are usually things that you can do to prevent stains from setting. Use a paper towel to absorb extra ketchup or gravy. Never rub at the fabric since this is likely to cause the slurry to spread. Instead you should dab at it until the towel absorbs as much of the thick liquid as possible.

Mistake Number Two – Not Reading the Use and Care Instructions on the Label
Most people never look at the label that their clothing has attached. This is definitely one of the 6 mistakes to avoid on winter clothes cleaning. Taking the time peruse the label thoroughly could save you a lot of time and money. Clothing manufacturers are required to attach information on cleaning their product because sometimes, there are simple things that can destroy the fabric.

Not reading the label is high on the list of 6 mistakes to avoid on winter clothes cleaning because lots of individuals realize too late that a chemical could have an unfortunate effect on their garments. Following the use and care instructions that the manufacturer has attached to the garment will prevent you from ruining it.

Mistake Number Three – Machine Washing Clothes that Should be Hand Washed
Some blouses and shirts may look as though they can be cleaned in a washing machine but they really need to be hand washed. You may only realize this after you open the machine and see that the garment is several sizes smaller or has changed shape. Certain blends, such as a combination of nylon and spandex should be washed by hand. The same applies to acrylic and wool garments such as sweaters.

Mistake Number Four – Scrubbing or Stretching Fabrics
Many winter clothes are made of fabrics such as wool or fleece. These are natural and can easily be bent or twisted out of shape. You should ensure that when you wash these, you handle them carefully. Try to avoid twisting or writing the fabrics too much. Let the garment soak in a gentle detergent solution for a few minutes to remove pen marks and other blemishes.

Never scrub a skirt or a top that is made of natural materials. You are likely to break the fibers that make up the cloth and this will give your clothing an aged and worn look. You should also ensure that wool or fleece are washed in cool water. Cleaning these fabrics by using hot liquids can damage your clothing.

Mistake Number Five – Not Checking Your Pockets
One of the 6 mistakes to avoid on winter clothes cleaning actually occurs because people are forgetful. Unfortunately, they may forget that to check their pockets before putting their garments in a washing machine. The result is usually a mess, as bits of paper, crushed food and more can be found all over the wash when the clothes are removed from the machine. If you are washing clothes for young children, check the exterior for stickers since these can also cause problems.

Mistake Number Six – Overloading Your Washing Machine
Overloading your washing machine can damage it. There is an optimal weight that this type of appliance can carry. Winter clothes are usually heavy and when wet, they weigh even more. If you could normally wash 15 items of clothing at a time in one load, cut this number by about half when washing wool or fleece garments.

Overloading is also one of the 6 mistakes to avoid on winter clothes cleaning because it prevents it from doing its job. It may struggle through the cycle without obvious signs of damage but when you remove the clothes, you will notice that they are not as clean as you expect them to be. By following these tips, you can keep your clothes looking like new.

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