6 Tips On Leather Jacket Maintenance

If you want a jacket or even a coat that will last a lifetime, you will be glad to know that leather jackets last longer than any other material. Leather as a material is loved due to its durable and versatile nature. Furthermore, it is readily available in numerous finishes and textures. Due to the durable and heavy features it possesses, leather is the most preferred material for making jackets, belts, briefcases and other clothing items. The latest technological innovations applied in the tanning and finishing processes when making leather products has made it possible for the manufacturers to produce lighter versions of leather jackets and clothing items which can comfortably be worn any time of the year. Leather jackets are easy to care for and maintain since they are dirt and water resistant. For this reason, leather items are the perfect choice regardless of your style. Below are six helpful tips you could use to maintain and care for your leather jacket.

1. Wiping and Washing off dirt
You can put on your jacket even if it is raining; however utility leather jackets might be a little sensitive to the rain. Despite this, most jackets made from leather are not easily damaged by water. If you want to clean off some dirt, you can do so with a wet cloth once it has dried up. In case your jacket has marks or spills, you should hold it in a sink and flood it with sufficient amounts of water. This will effectively remove the existing contaminant. Oil spills from olive oil or butter for instance should be wiped off or flushed quickly in order to prevent the material from absorbing it.

2. Apply water protectors

Jackets made from leather are prone to damages or liquid stains. To ensure they are well protected from destructive spills that can end up spoiling the material, apply water protectors to safeguard the surface of your jacket. When selecting water protectors, settle on those that are colorless and odorless as they are less likely to darken your valuable piece of clothing.

3. Wide Padded Hangers Are Best

When storing your jackets made from leather, make sure you use widely padded hangers to store them. When drying a leather jacket, you must always ensure that a padded hanger is used to support it so that its style and form are maintained for a long time. The jackets are not as thin and as light as some people in Singapore tend to think. This is more reason why you need to make use of padded hangers which are made to match the contours of your favorite jacket.

4. Store Your Jacket In A Cool Open Space

When storing a jacket, ensure this is done in a cool but open space. The section where they are stored needs to be cool and dry. Avoid placing it in an area that has direct sunlight as this may make the surface brittle and it will wear out faster. Unlike the other materials, leather should breath; therefore sealing its plastic container will be a counterproductive measure. In fact, you can store your jacket instead in a mesh bag before hanging it in a cool but dry place. This is guaranteed to keep jackets made of leather in tip top condition for longer periods.

5. Avoid Blow Drying Leather Jackets

By no means should you ever blow dry jackets made of leather. There are people who might get tempted to use stoves or hairdryers. You are strongly advised against doing so. Excessive amounts of heat makes leather flimsy thereby exposing it to more damages. If you would like to dry your jacket, simply hang it somewhere open for about 2-3 days before it can fully become dry.

6. Straightening Wrinkles and Curls

If your jacket is wrinkled, you should never resort to ironing since this will result in permanent damage. Wrinkles and curls on the jacket can be gotten rid of by placing it near your hot tub. The moisture has a way of straightening it out in a magical way. Therefore, ironing the jacket is something you should not even think about.

If all the above discussed guidelines and tips are followed and applied when caring and maintaining a leather jacket, then your precious clothing item will last a long time. Follow them as indicated and your jacket will remain in tip top condition as well.

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