6 Wedding Dress Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Though the big day of your wedding ceremony in Singapore is over but still there are many things to be cared after it. First and foremost is your wedding dress that needs care and proper preservation to last long as a memorable symbol for this memorable occasion of your life. Whether it is your wedding gown or some other wedding dress including night dress you will like to preserve them as a treasure to remember these memorable moments for long time. Even if you adopt special techniques and unique processes to clean your wedding dress, you will have to be careful while cleaning it. Mostly people in Singapore commit various mistakes while cleaning their wedding gown which can be avoided if they take some careful steps.

Before discussing about the avoidable mistakes committed by people in Singapore, while cleaning their wedding dress, you should know why you should clean them carefully. Your wedding gown becomes one of the most precious clothes for you that you will like to preserve throughout your life. So you will have to be careful not only while cleaning it but also treating, repairing and packing it to preserve it affectionately. Your wedding dress may capture dust, sugar stains, airborne pollutants and other bacterias during the wedding ceremonies so they should be cleaned carefully by treating with proper cleaners to maintain its lovely looks. You should avoid certain mistakes normally committed by people while washing their wedding dress including night dress. Some of these mistakes are discussed in brief hereunder for your guidance.

Avoidable mistakes committed while cleaning wedding dress

Ignore the cleaning instructions: First and the foremost mistake committed by people in Singapore while cleaning their wedding dress is they do not care for the cleaning instruction provided on it. The method of cleaning such delicate clothes is specifically mentioned on their labels so that they can be used to preserve them for long time. Instructions like whether the dress is machine washable or hand washable or dry cleanable including the temperature of water in which it can be safely cleaned are mentioned on the label of these dresses. You can easily avoid damage even to your wedding night dress by cleaning it after reading these instructions.

Not pre-treating the stains: Your wedding gown is not only precious for you for its spiritual value but it is also an expensive attire for you as mostly a wedding dress costs higher than usual clothings. Stains are very common on these wedding dresses as you have to move along your guests at your wedding ceremony and any thing can spill on your dress at any moment. If that is the case then if you wash them without pre-treating the stains then you can spoil the loveliness of you wedding gown as the stain may spread at its larger portion.

Overload the washing machine: It is one of the mistakes normally committed by the Singaporeans while cleaning their wedding dress compatible to washing machine. They normally overload the washing machine even while cleaning the delicate clothes like wedding gown to save their time and energy. But it can damage not only the looks of your precious dress but also your washing machine. So please avoid this mistake to maintain to looks of your wedding dress.

Clean with dark colored clothes: It is one of the most easily avoidable mistakes that you should care while cleaning your precious wedding dress. The chances of spreading of the dye of dark colored clothes on your light colored wedding gown are more in such cases. It can spoil the look of your precious gown.

Use of harsh chemicals: While cleaning your wedding gown you should avoid the use of harsh chemical based cleaners as they can weaken its fabric. You should also use bleach as per the washing instructions provided on your colorful wedding dress including your night dress as it can fade or discolor their looks.

Hang it for longer time: It is one of the most avoidable mistakes while cleaning your wedding dress. Hanging the wedding gown or wedding night dress for long time than prescribed can disfigure its shape as normally they get elongated.

So you should avoid these mistakes while cleaning your wedding dress in Singapore to maintain its looks for long.

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