7 Advantages Of Rug Cleaning

Although it may seem cheaper to rent a rug cleaning machine in Singapore rather than hiring a professional rug cleaning service, the benefits of calling in the professionals makes it worthwhile to pay extra. Not only will you save time by hiring professional rug cleaners, you will also be able to make sure that your rugs are being cleaned effectively and safely. Here are the top 7 advantages of rug cleaning with the assistance of a professional rug cleaner.

1. Certified cleaning equipment and solutions:
The professional rug cleaner you hire will likely use certified equipment and products. Unlike machines that can be purchased or rented, these professionals use portable steam cleaners and truck-mounted machines that have a super strong suction. So, unlike other machines, deeply embedded debris and dirt, and stubborn stains on rugs can be effectively extracted by them. If you have allergen sensitivities or small children and are worried about applying carpet cleaning chemicals, look for eco-friendly rug cleaning companies that use natural and plant-based cleaning solutions.

2. Industrial-strength vacuum power:
Experienced professional rug cleaners know that in order to achieve the best results, it is crucial to vacuum a rug before carrying out deep cleaning. That is why professional rug cleaners use industrial-strength vacuum cleaners so that any dry contaminants, such as dirt, dust and hair, are picked up.

3. Save effort & time:
One of the benefits of calling in professional rug cleaners is that before they begin cleaning, they move the furniture out of the room on their own since cleaning a rug with furniture on it is not ideal. So, you will not have to rent a dolly or strain yourself. Moreover, once the rugs have dried, cleaners also tend to move all of the furniture back where they had originally been. Simply make sure that the professional rug cleaning company will not charge you an extra fee for moving furniture.

Moving furniture not only a strenuous task but also takes up time. Moreover, when cleaning rugs without any professional help, they have to be vacuumed, spot treated to remove stains, pre-treatment solution has to be applied, the tanks have to be filled and emptied, and the equipment has to be carried around and cleaned afterwards. If you hire a professional rug cleaner, it means that all those tasks will be taken care of by an experienced technician, so it will save you both effort and time.

4. Avoid mildew and mold and improve air quality:
Mildew and mold are common rug invaders. One reason they may have appeared is because you tried to clean your rugs on your own and left them excessively wet. If you want to prevent your rugs from getting oversaturated and want to take advantage of industrial-strength suction power for proper extraction of existing mildew and mold, you should hire a professional.

No doubt, surface dirt and dust can be removed with regular vacuuming, but pounds of built-up grime will remain embedded in your rug fibers. So, you should contact a professional rug cleaning company once a year, or more frequently if your household is large with high traffic areas, so that deeply layered dirt beneath your rug is removed. The equipment used by professional rug cleaners is powerful enough to eliminate dry contaminants and improve air quality.

5. Restore and protect the original beauty and quality of your rug:
Apart from removing embedded dirt and stubborn stains, another goal of professional carpet cleaners is to restore the original beauty and quality of rugs. By taking advantage of regular deep cleanings in order to maintain your rugs, you will be able to extend the life of your rugs and they will feel and look clean and fresh.

One of the benefits of hiring professional rug cleaners is that with their help you will be able to protect your rugs from future accidents and stains. The application of specially manufactured cleaning agents will protect the fibers of your rugs from wear and tear, as well as spills and stains.

6. Knowledge of various types of rugs:
An experienced rug cleaning technician will have enough knowledge of the various brands and types of rugs, and will be able to recommend the most ideal cleaning methods and products for your rugs. Buying or renting a rug cleaning solution can be risky, so instead of unintentionally ending up damaging your rugs, let a professional clean them expertly.

7. Guaranteed:
If you manage to find a reputable rug cleaner, you will be offered a 100% guarantee for the cleaning work. Often, a free follow-up cleaning is also included in the guarantee, if the cleaning results are unsatisfactory.

Professional rug cleaning companies serve the purpose of removing allergens, dirt, odours and stains from rugs. So, take advantage of the above 7 benefits by hiring a professional to clean your rugs and restore them to their former beauty and quality.

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