7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Couch

The majority of Singapore residents lead busy lifestyles. As a result, they may find it a little difficult to complete some of the household cleaning tasks. This therefore, means that they can barely find the time to clean their sofas or other furniture on a regular basis. However, if you ignore your couch, then it is bound to attract lots of dust which will become visible after a while. For this reason, a good number of Singapore residents nowadays prefer to engage the services of couch cleaning experts. Nevertheless, couch cleaning is a process that should be carried out with a lot of care. Sofas are generally pricey items because of their aesthetic and decorative value. Consequently, homeowners are encouraged to take good care of them.

For this reason, you should avoid the 7 mistakes outlined below when cleaning your couch.

1. Do not use hazardous chemicals

The majority of cleaning materials currently available in the market are actually harmful and hazardous to the health of your family and yours too. Even a minimal amount of residue chemicals that linger long after the cleaning process is completed could easily cause lots of health complications. For instance, headaches, skin rash, sneezing, eye irritation and breathing problems could be experienced by your family members. Therefore, continuous use of harmful couch cleaning chemicals could lead to a build up of toxic effects. If you must clean your sofas on your own, then it is advisable that you pick the right cleaning agents which are safe for use. Pet friendly and environmentally friendly couch cleaning agents are recommended by professionals.

2. Do Not Hire Untrained People

To get the most from couch cleaning services, it is imperative that you hire professional services especially if you want a good job done. Untrained people will definitely cause lots of damages to your beautiful and costly furniture items. Furthermore, poorly trained people do not have the necessary skill needed to operate the sophisticated cleaning equipment. Also, they may not be knowledgeable about picking the most ideal couch cleaning solutions that do not cause damage to the upholstery of your furniture items. Untrained cleaners are not familiar with the right procedures and techniques for cleaning metallic and wooden surfaces. Lack of knowledge and skill often leads to improper sofa cleaning. As a result, the dirty patches and spots that were present initially will be visible even after a cleaning exercise. This is why hiring highly experienced professionals is recommended.

3. Some people do not follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer

If you purchased your couch from a reputable seller, then the shop assistant or the sales representative should offer advise with regard to care and maintenance procedures for your sofa. Therefore, follow the guidelines precisely as indicated if you would like to keep your sofas in tip-top shape for a long time. The cleaning directions are helpful for the simple reason that they assist people learn the right procedures for cleaning and maintaining furniture items. As a result, unnecessary damage will be avoided. However, if you fail to follow the guidelines are provided. you might damage your couch.

4. Avoid Leaving Marks And Stains After Using Cleaning Agents
A small amount of stains or marks could easily be left after use of various cleaning agents. Ignoring the stains and marks left by the cleaning agents may make them difficult to remove later on. Even so, you should try to minimize the level of staining produced by residual chemicals or cleaning agents. This can easily be achieved through the use of proper cleaning procedures and techniques. If you use the proper cleaning methods, then you will no doubt have a spotless and stain-free appearance on your couch once the cleaning procedures are completed. Couch cleaning requires various techniques such as washing couch covers, vacuuming to remove dust, wiping using cleaning solution, and thoroughly drying all wet surfaces. Despite this, the cleaning procedure will largely be dependent on the particular type of couch you have. Using the right method is a guarantee that no undesirable stains and marks will be left once the cleaning process is completed.

5. Long Cleaning Intervals Should Be Avoided

It is imperative that you clean your couch regularly. Doing so prevents accumulation of dirt and dust. However, if you prolong the cleaning intervals, you will create a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and mold. These will produce bad odor within your living room. Dirty couches also attract pests like bugs and rodents. Therefore, make sure your couch is cleaned on a regular basis.

6. Soaking the couch in water

This is a common mistake often made by homeowners who are not familiar with the right sofa cleaning procedures and techniques. Therefore, never soak your couch or expose it to excessive dampness since this could possibly lead to damage and costly repairs. Furthermore, using an excessive amount of water will definitely prevent your couch from drying as fast as you would like. Chances are it will not dry properly and there will be a build up of mold after a while. Although the surface may look dry, you will be surprised to notice a large amount of water has collected underneath the padding. This dampness could stay on for a number of days.

7. Avoid cheap couch cleaning service providers

Some couch cleaning service providers are likely to offer very cheap services. However, you should be warned that cheaper cleaning rates could easily translate to poor quality cleaning services. One of the most likely reasons that could explain provision of very cheap services is the use of untrained employees. Such employees are likely to use the wrong cleaning agents and the wrong techniques. Consequently, it is a good idea to use only highly reputable cleaning experts. Remember, couch cleaning charges depend on type and size of your couch.

Couch cleaning experts advocate for the proper cleaning procedures for a good reason. For example, using the right cleaning techniques enhances the appearance of your couch and your home quite significantly. Furthermore, it turns your home into a healthy and desirable living environment. Therefore, make a point of cleaning your sofas with the right cleaning solutions since they are safe for use. Proper couch care also greatly increases life and durability as well.

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