7 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Uniform Dry Cleaning Company

Hiring a uniform dry cleaning company can be very challenging considering the fact that there are hundreds of companies willing to provide these services at affordable prices. Whereas most laundry companies provide enough information about their services on the official company websites, service catalogues and other important marketing tools, the truth is that most people still end up making mistakes when hiring these professional laundry cleaners. Here are the top 7 mistakes to avoid when hiring a uniform dry cleaning company.

1. Failing to ask about the Company’s previous clients

It is important that you should raise concerns about previous works done by a uniform dry cleaning company before hiring their services. This will help you know the wealth of experience possessed by the cleaners and if you are satisfied with their list of clients then you can outsource your cleaning needs to hem as straight away. You can always go a step ahead to find out if the previous clients were satisfied with the level of service provided by the company.

2. Do not choose a Uniform Dry Cleaning Company based on the type of equipment they have

Hiring a laundry company just because of the sophisticated equipment they are using might turn out to be the biggest mistake you have ever made. Always make sure that you go a further step ahead by finding out if the staff is also as good as the equipment they are using. Do not let the big dry cleaning equipments pull the wool over your eyes. Sometimes what you see is not really what is happening. Always make sure that such equipments are functioning and that the company has qualified staff that can easily operate them without mistakes.

3. Beware of Low Priced Dry Cleaning Service Providers

It is usually said that cheap is expensive. You should consider spending more money for top-notch services that will leave your cloths much stronger and cleaner than spending less while your cloths become weary within a short period of time. Dual dry cleaners usually charge much more than the single cleaners. You should consider hiring companies that make use of dual cleaners that provide better results than their counterparts. This will cost you extra cash which is commendable considering the many benefits of dual dry cleaners.

4. Do not hire a Uniform Laundry Company that is not certified and insured

Check out with the local authority to find out if the company is certified to provide cleaning services in your area. Ask the company if they their services are insured. The best cleaning companies are those that are accountable for any damage that will be incurred during cleaning. You should ensure that the company provides money back guarantees before hiring their services. Money back guarantee is a form of compensation usually provided if the customer is not satisfied with the work done.

5. Do not hire a Dry Cleaning Company that do not provide Follow Up Services for their clients

Ask for previous client reviews. See what others say about the laundry company. Does the company’s staff follow up on their customers to find out if they are satisfied with the level of services provided? Do the customer reviews indicate a good or bad trend on the company? If you have any doubts about anything you have read or heard about the company, then the best thing to do is to call their customer support centre for clarifications before hiring their services

6. A single call to the Dry Cleaning Company is not enough

Make several call to the customer support centre and rate their services based on how long the phone rings before it is received, how courteous is the support staff, how fast are they in reacting to emergency needs and how willing are they to call you back for follow up. Making a single call to the uniform dry cleaning company is not enough to guarantee top class services for your requirements.

7. Avoid Companies that are dishonest

Is the company’s staff trustworthy? Are the people involved in cleaning honest about the chemical detergents they use? Always ensure that Eco-friendly chemicals are used for your cloths. An environmentally conscious company tells more about the type of staff they have. It is also important to ensure that the cleaners have no criminal records before trusting them with your belongings.

These are the top 7 mistakes to avoid when hiring a uniform dry cleaning company. Hopefully, these tips will help you make an informed decision while hiring their services.

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