Dry Cleaning VS Laundry Wash

Dry Cleaning vs Laundry Wash
Dry Cleaning vs Laundry Wash

Choosing Dry Cleaning or Laundry Wash – Due to technological developments in the recent past, everyone wants that things should be done instantly because of their busy lifestyle. Similar is the condition while washing clothes. Earlier people used to spend their entire day in washing clothes by hand. Then with the evolution of machines, laundry was being done at home. Then to save the time and efforts many laundry and dry cleaning services came into existence. Though the services provided by dry cleaning service and laundry wash services are similar still there is much difference between them.

In order to know the difference between laundry wash and dry cleaning let us know them more closely.

Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning

Introduction with Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning fabrics in which water is not used. But, instead of water, some liquid is used in this process to complete washing effectively. Perc or perchloroethylene, a liquid chemical, is used by dry cleaning services to get rid of the marks and grime from the clothes. Sometimes dry cleaning is considered as the best solution for the clothes and materials that are very heavy and thick and cannot be loaded in a machine to wash. Thus, the process of dry cleaning can be suitable for cleaning heavy fabrics and materials. In this process, perc is used on the dirt and marks in advance before the clothes are loaded for tumble dry in a machine.

Pros of dry cleaning

Dry cleaning helps in maintaining the thickness and sturdiness of the bulky and thick items like gowns, carpets, and curtains, etc. It does not shrink the garments while cleaning them well. Fabric does not get wrinkled in this method. It saves and maintains the original colors and consistency of the fabric reduces chances of discoloration of the fabric augments the life of the clothes effectively removes stains of oil and grease

Laundry Wash
Laundry Wash

What is Laundry Wash?

Laundry wash is a conventional way of washing clothes by using water along with fabric softener, bleach, and detergent to clean them thoroughly. This method of washing clothes is widely and commonly used in every home as well as by professionals by using washing machines or by hand. Today people depend more on laundry shops to save time. However, this method drying up the clothes takes a long time to complete the process even if they are dried in a drying machine.

Benefits of laundry wash

The process of Laundry wash can ensure to clean the deepest corner of the cloth. The detergent and solvents used in this process are distributed evenly to every corner of the cloth with the help of the water used in it. Clothes and garments washed recently have a smell of a fresh and new scent. Clothes washed in the laundry are free from odor and chemical as they use only bleach, detergent, water, and washing machine instead of any chemical. Laundry wash is skin and environment-friendly process

The final showdown of Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry Wash

Though both of these cleaning methods offer similar benefits still their following differences cannot be overlooked. The results of dry cleaning can never be similar to laundry wash while cleaning the men’s shirt with soiled color with the odor of sweat as dry cleaning cannot remove them completely. These harsh marks can be eliminated effectively in the laundry wash as they soften then by soaking them and applying bleach which can be removed thoroughly by using water.

The original form of the fabric materials like curtains remains maintained by dry cleaning them whereas there can be a risk of reduction in their size and they may get wrinkled when washed in a laundry machine. Laundry washing can consume more time to complete in comparison to dry cleaning the clothes due to its faster speed.

Dry cleaning is a bit costlier than laundry wash as it uses perc a costly solvent than water laundry washed clothes are dried by ironing them whereas dry cleaned clothes are dried by steaming them. The smell of laundered clothes is more refreshing than the clothes that are dry cleaned Laundry wash cleans the clothes better than dry cleaned clothes if they are rinsed with water properly almost all types of fabrics and materials can be dry cleaned whereas all of them cannot be laundry washed

Thus, you can easily understand why dry cleaning and laundry wash are different from each other with the help of the tips presented in this write-up.  

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