Few Steps That Can Tell You How To Clean Mouldy Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are always timeless and classic way of fashion and it can always give a trendy and stylish looks to you. The only problem that you see with leather jacket is that its taking care is not easy and you need to pay extra care and time to keep it away from mould. But if you already have mould on your leather jacket and you want t clean your mouldy leather jacket by yourself, then some tips are there that can assist you in it. To assist you more in this requirement I am sharing those mouldy leather jacket cleaning tips with you al in this article below.

Collect cleaning material:
Before you start cleaning your mouldy leather jacket, it is suggested you collect each and everything that you need to have for this cleaning work. When you will have all the things for proper cleaning, then you will be able to get the best and most effective result in simplest possible manner. Talking about these things that you will need to have with your for this cleaning work, you will need to have rubber gloves, protective face mask, scrub brush, 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water, clean cloth and good quality saddle soap. IF you do not good quality saddle soap then you can use any good quality mild soap. Also, if you do not get white vinegar, then you can use rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar.

Take it outside for cleaning:

You will need to remove the mould from your leather jacket in the cleaning process and if you will do it inside your house, then mold spores will attach with other things in your house. So, take it outside and hang it at a safe place so mold spore do not come back in your house from mouldy leather jacket during cleaning process. Also, before you start the cleaning work make sure you use all of your protective gears including gloves and protective face mask. Other than this if you have a good quality protective glass for your eyes, then use that also to protect your eyes form the dust that will rise during the cleaning process. It will keep you protected from inhaling or touching of mould during cleaning process.

Remove the mould:

After you do the preparation, then you need to remove the mold from your jacket using scrubbing method. For this step you can use a good quality scrub brush and you can do the cleaning of mouldy leather jacket using that tool. In this process, it is essential that you remove the mould mildly from your leather jacket and you do not create any mark on your leather jacket with it. Also, while removing the mould using scrub, it is suggested that you keep it away from wind because wind can deposit the removed mould again on your jacket and it can create problems for you in the future.

Make and test the cleaning solution:
To do the cleaning work you need to prepare a cleaning solution to remove the moulds. For this, you need to make a mixture of 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. This solution can remove the remaining mould spores easily from your mouldy leather jacket. But before applying it on your leather jacket, make sure you do the spot test to verify it will not discolor you leather. For this testing dampen a clean cloth with this mixture, squeeze excess liquid and then apply it at hidden area of the jacket. After that let it dry for some time and if you do not see any discoloration on the applied part, then you can use that mixture on you easily to clean your mouldy leather jacket.

Use the cleaning solution:

Once you are done with the testing of cleaning solution, then you can apply it on the affected part using a damp and squeezed cloth. You can gently rub the moistened cloth on each and every mouldy spot. This rubbing of mixture will kill all those bacteria’s that are responsible for the growth of mould. Also, if you see some other spot where mould started growing or it can grow big in some days, then you can use the same solution at that spot also to prevent the growth of mould. Once you are done with this, then you shall leave it to air dry completely. In this step make sure you do not use any kind of artificial drying method for completing the drying part quickly.

Wash with mild soap:

If you want you can wash the entire leather with a mild soap, but if you are not willing to wash it completely, then you can wash only affected part with it. If your leather jacket is really dirt and need complete cleaning, then only I would encourage you to wash it completely else just pay attention on the mouldy part of your leather jacket while washing and leave other parts unattended. After you wash your mouldy leather jacket using a mild soap, then use a fresh and dry cloth and wipe way the leather with it in a gentle manner. After that you just need to let it dry completely at a well ventilated place. For this, you can simply leave it outside and you can collect it back when it is dried completely.

In addition to all these tips, it is also suggested that you clean your mouldy leather jacket as soon as you discover it because after a certain time, it becomes very difficult to clean the mould. Also, when you are done with cleaning part, then it is suggested that you a leather conditioner on your leather jacket so it can remain soft and clean during harsh time. Other than this, it is also suggested that if you do not get the best result with above suggested method, then instead of applying any harsh approach, contact an experienced dry cleaner for the cleaning work else you might damage your costly leather jacket.

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