How Beneficial is Dry Cleaning Compared to Laundry Wash?

Singapore is a place that has got globalized recently which has made many changes in the lifestyle of the people. The people in Singapore are making travels then and there to many places outside the country for the purpose of business or for vacation. Life has become so hectic in Singapore. This new trend has not left any time with the people there to take care of their chores. People have started finding the help of laundry for getting their clothes washed. These laundry services can wash your clothes and get the clothes ironed in a reasonable cost. Dry cleaning is gaining more popularity now a days and it’s high time that we need to find out the reasons why more people are choosing dry cleaning.

Laundry cleaning is something that include the usage of soap powder, soap, detergents and as main solvents. In the case of dry cleaning no water is used but instead chemicals are made used. According to the cloth fabric, the dry cleaning centres in Singapore chooses the chemicals. There are so many benefits associated with this which makes it a popular choice.

Prevents Fading of fabrics and Bleeding of Colours

In the case of a laundry that uses water, clothes can get faded. It can be worst in the case of the dresses that use dyes that are not waterproof. The fabrics that are washed with water can get spoilt as the dye can bleed. The Singapore drycleaners make use of chemicals that do not let the dye to get bleeded and cloth to get spoilt. It can help fabric to get the original color for so many years without any problem.

Retention of the Texture of Clothes

Another major benefit that you get from the dry washing centres of Singapore is that they make use of chemicals for dry washing the clothes that can help in retaining the texture of the cloth in the same condition for quite a long period of time. The detergents and the soaps that are used for cleaning in the laundry can make the texture of the cloth get spoilt fast. The chemicals can do much favour the clothes making them look good and last in the same way for much longer period of time. Now a days clothes are also not simple things, people are really investing a lot on that. There is nothing wrong in thinking about it’s care in such a context.

Reduces Wearing of Fabric

Chemicals used by the dry washing centres of Singapore are good enough to keep the fabric in good condition. In case of washing there are chances for wear and tear to occur to the fabric due to rubbing and all that processes for removing stains. The dry washers make use of chemical solvents and they also adopt the most technical way for removing stains in a gentle manner so that your clothes do not get any kind of damages. This can help in improving the life of some delicate fabrics and also cab make the clothes smell so good and fresh. Make use of dry washing, if you want the fabric to be good and without damage to last for a longer period of time.

Reducing Shrinkage of Clothes

If the clothes are washed in water, many kind of fabrics can get shrinked. This can make it much hard for many people as then the cloth may be harder to fit the body. This is a big disadvantage with a normal laundry service. In the case of dry wash, as there is no water used in that, there is no chance for the fabric to get shrinked and look bad. Your clothes and it’s fabric will be the same even after it is dry washed by the shops in Singapore. They provide extra care to your clothes.


Most of the dry cleaners in Singapore provide provision so that you need not have to go to them but they will come to you for collecting clothes and also get it delivered at your place after wash. Dry cleaning is a fast process and so you need not have to wait for a longer time for your clothes.

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