How to Choose the Right Hotel Cleaning Service

If you are a hotel owner or manager, cleanliness in the premises is a key factor if you want repeat business and to stay on top of your competition. No one wants to stay in a dirty, smelly and poorly kept hotel room. The first experience a client gets at the hotel will determine whether they will come back or even refer others there. One of the important things clients check is the cleanliness of the rooms they are staying, the laundry they use and other facilities. If you want to get a hotel cleaning service, there are factors you should consider. Choosing wisely is important because your reputation will be determined by the customer’s experience at the premises. Here are things you should check out for.

How Professional is the Cleaning Company
For the reputation of your hotel not to be tainted, you need a hotel cleaning service provider who can be able to offer exactly what he promises. The services should be fast, timely and efficient. It should deliver quality services at all times. This sometimes may require the cleaning company to go out of its way to deliver what you need but a professional will always do this.

How Experienced is it? How Professional is its Workforce?

Hotel cleaning may be different from home cleaning because it takes more effort, experience and entails a lot more than just cleaning. The cleaners should have enough experience in their work to take care of minor details that always get noticed by clients. They should be neat, clean and professional in and around the hotel. They should know how to handle clients in a friendly and helpful manner. They should also understand that the reputation of the hotel also depends on the services they offer around. They should be friendly, trustworthy and hardworking.

Employing a service provider that has invested in its workers will mean that you will have better cleaning services provided at the hotel. You should work with a company that highly esteems its workforce and invests in it. This is by training them on best cleaning practises and how to conduct themselves when around clients. The cleaning company should make its workers feel like they are part of the team and their effort is appreciated. Happy employees always offer better services. They will not mind even when they have to go out of their way to please you and the clients in the hotel.

Note that work ethics are important too. Can you trust the employees around your clients? Can you trust them to handle your clients’ valuables with respect and dignity? Can they come across valuables in the rooms and leave them just as they found them? What action does the hotel cleaning service provider promise to take when there is a conflict between you and its workers in the premises? What about losses and damages to hotel or your clients’ property as a result of the workers’ negligence? How does it handle such cases?

Are the workers insured? What happens if they are injured when at work in your premises? When they are not insured or the company does not agree to take responsibility, you may end up paying their hospital bills and other expenses because they got hurt at your premises.

The Reputation of the Hotel Cleaning Service Provider
Before you hire a cleaning company, it is important that you get to know it well. Get to know its past deals, what others have to say about it and whether they would recommend it to anyone. The best people to talk to are those who have used the services in the past or are doing so currently. A reputable cleaning company will not hesitate to offer any information you need such as its list of clientele. Talking to a few people who have used the service will help you make an informed decision of whether to go ahead and hire it.

Does the Cleaning Company Offer Comprehensive Services?

You may find some cleaning companies that promise to clean the rooms and the premises but do not go into details such as cleaning carpets, walls, washing bathrooms and changing bed sheets. An all around cleaning company may be better to deal with because you do not have to hire different people to do different tasks around. Managing them may be difficult and it may end up costing you more.

The Cleaning Company’s Mode of Operation

How many workers does the company offer you? How many hours a day are they supposed to be at the hotel? What are their duties? Are you supposed to provide them with cleaning equipment and detergents or do they use their own? Is all the cleaning work done at the hotel premises or do they have to take some of the things with them for cleaning? How fast are their services especially when they have to take some of the things with them for cleaning?

The Rates

It is important that you decide on how much the company will charge you in advance. Get to know in detail what you are paying for. What are the modes of payment? Where possible, you need to draft a contract that binds both parties. This will safeguard your interests. What happens when you are not happy with the services offered? Do they repeat the job, reduce the cost or refund you the money paid? Check around to determine what other reputable hotel cleaning service providers have to offer and their rates. Work within your budget without compromising on the quality of services.

Nowadays, finding a reputable cleaning service provider is not hard. You can check online for those who have listed their services or ask friends, other hotel owners or managers and check local directories. Once you have a list of cleaning companies you can work with, you can go ahead and check out their details, mode of operation and other factors. This is not an exercise that should be done hurriedly because it may end up costing you the hotel business if done wrongly. When done right, it ensures that you stay on top of your competition and your clients are always happy to the extent of giving you repeat business.

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