How To Clean Your Curtain The Right Way?

Most of us use curtains in our homes and offices for protection; as they regulate the amount of sunlight and breeze that gets in through the windows and also as part of our interior décor. We must admit that they just have a way of blending in to the room’s furniture and design scheme; adding a touch of coziness and warmth into the room. Curtains also shield our windows and keep our privacy well maintained. You do not really want your nosy neighbours peeking through the window to see what’s going on in your house; do you?

No matter the material used to make the curtain, it will always serve its purpose well. Proper curtain cleaning is therefore important if we want our beautiful curtains to continue serving us well for generations. There are different types of curtains depending on what they are made of e.g. bead curtains which are curtains with strings and beads running from top to bottom, blinds and voile curtains which are light and greatly preferred by most people.

First impressions do matter and curtains are part of this impression people get about you once they step into your house for the first time. Everyone wants their visitors to feel comfortable and welcome in their home or office. The visitor should appreciate your signature style and relate it to your personality because we design our rooms in ways that please us. One way to make this happen is to ensure that the room is clean; curtains included. Dirty, wrinkly and stained curtains are therefore a definite no! Curtain cleaning isn’t rocket science, so wipe the worry off your face because below are tips on proper curtain cleaning that you can do at home.

Remove the curtain from the curtain box before cleaning

Be it a bead or a cloth curtain, it is advisable to unhook it from the curtain box in order to clean it. This will allow you to clean the curtain properly as you will be able to see where the stains are and whether the cleaning was successful. Make sure to remove your curtains on a regular basis e.g. after every two weeks, for cleaning because stains are difficult to remove when they linger on fabric.

Before cleaning, inspect your curtain to know the type of stains you are dealing with.

As they hang against the windows, curtains often trap a lot of dust and particles that are blown in by the wind. Insects can also be found trapped in curtains. Also, curtains in the kitchen will have different stains from those in the living room. Bathroom curtains might have some mold on them because of the moisture and the warmth found in the bathroom. Curtains in the kitchen might have some oil stains on them while curtains in the living room mostly have dust and other stains. Once you know the type of stains in your curtain, you’ll know the type of detergent to use and where to concentrate on when you wash them. Also, it is important to note that some curtains may require milder detergents than others.

Ditch the washing machine and try hand-washing instead.

Curtains are usually big in size and might not fit into your washing machine. Curtain cleaning with a washing machine risks tearing the curtains as they mix with the other clothes in the machine that might be having buttons and zips. Take time to read the washing instructions on the curtains before you clean them; just to make sure you do not end up spoiling you do not spoil your beautiful curtains. So block your bathtub and carefully wash your curtains with mild detergent, concentrating on the areas that you noted had the stains. Avoid the use of bleach as it makes your curtains’ fabric thin with every wash. After washing your curtains with detergent, rinse them off with enough clean water and hang out in a sunny open space to dry. Only bring your curtains in once they are completely dry.

Don’t forget the curtain box and rings!

Curtain cleaning is not complete unless you also clean your windows and wipe out your curtain boxes and rails. Make sure to also clean your curtain rings. If your curtain rings are rusty, boil them in vinegar to restore their original luster.

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