How To Dry Clean A Wedding Gown?

Dry cleaning specializes in dealing with extremely delicate fabrics, cleaned and restored without having to use water as its medium. Curtains, gowns, suits, and other delicate fabrics are better cleaned with this kind of method. Instead of buying a new and expensive suit or dress with every special occasion, it is much more economical to choose to dry clean your special clothes and other garments. This is especially true with wedding gowns.

Your big day is just around the corner, but you are still unsure whether you should buy a new dress or use the one that your mother wore when she walked down the aisle. Having to buy a dress is another additional expense but you fear that recycling another dress wouldn’t look as good as new. Well, every woman wants to look their best on their special day, but a new dress doesn’t always guarantee satisfaction. Using an old dress, on the other hand, would have more sentimental value. And if the problem is it’s worn out appearance, then there’s definitely a solution for that. Here’s where Dry Cleaning comes into the picture.

The Troubles of Washing

Before anything, you should first try to identify what fabric the gown was made of. Knowing its details is vital in cleaning it. Some people may opt washing this type of garment instead. But then, it would not clean it as effectively. For laundry washing, stains can be removed easily in softer and thicker materials as water can easily penetrate into it. But for dry cleaning, no water is used; instead steam is the main medium. Another thing is that laundry cleaning can discolor and change the texture of a delicate fabric due to the repetitive washing motion. It can wear your gown out. This is why dry clean wedding gown is the better option.

Dry Cleaning a Wedding Gown
Despite the disadvantages of laundry, washing it on your own is still possible. In fact, you can even do the dry clean wedding gown yourself. But to do this, it is recommended that you wash the garment first. Also, allow it to dry, but not completely, for a moment. After doing so, spread a clean sheet on the floor to serve as your working area. Make sure that the sheet is clean such as using a clean press cloth of cotton material or muslin. This sheet will also protect the dress as you press it. To begin, your iron should be set into proper temperature. It is best if you start from low and then gradually increase the heat. Press the dress from the inside. You can also turn the dress around if it’s more convenient for you.

After that, you can start pressing it on the outside from the lower part going up. Lastly, press the sleeves if any. Try to repeat the routine a few more times until your dress is completely dry and clean. If you have sequins and other embellishments on some parts of the garment, be careful not to press those. You can avoid this by using the tip of the iron to go into the spaces of the sequins.

Professional Cleaner Services
Although washing and dry cleaning are jobs that you do alone, there is no denying that there are a lot of intricacies in a wedding gown that a special treatment is what it really calls for. Plus, if you really want them to look good as though you have bought a new one, professional cleaning services is the better choice.

A professional cleaner has the proper knowledge, training, and experience in dealing with special garments. What’s more is that you can specify the spots where you want the stains be removed. Dry clean services have a set of special treatments and equipment for an array of clothing conditions, and your garments are returned to you stain-free, odor-free, and as crisp as possible.

Wedding gowns are keepsakes. They are best passed on to those who are next to walk the aisle. They keep memories and stories that are shared throughout generations. So why waste the beautiful dress hidden in that special box in mom’s closet? Have them dry cleaned now because a few years from now, you will be looking at it while you reminisce your special day. Who’s to say, some heiress might be the next to wear it.

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