How to Preserve your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is over. Well, it was the dream come true and you had your dream wedding. Something that is quite special about every wedding is nothing but the wedding dress. Of course, you looked like an angel from the heaven on your D-day, and spent something hefty on your wedding gown. Probably, for many girls, wedding dress would be their most expensive outfit they have purchase for one special day. Mostly, the expensive wedding dress sleeps in your closet.

After spending countless hours on hunting and designing for your dream wedding dress, it’s not fair to leave it aside, unattended! Of course, you don’t have heart o give away your dream gown. Preserving the wedding dress is the best way to feel special. Although there are a few who would love to put on a Sale, many would like to preserve the wedding dress, to cherish the pleasant memories. Besides, a few women would love to pass the wedding dress to next generation or use it for some special occasions after doing some alterations. The big thing is, how to preserve wedding dress? The wedding dress should retain the quality, color, fabric, and shape.
You can either hire a wedding dress preservationist (yeah, it is available just like dry cleaning the clothes) to preserve your wedding dress for years or do it on your own.

DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

Preserve the Wedding Dress on Your Own
If you cannot afford for a preservationist, you can do it on your own. You may have to safeguard the package or the box in which your wedding dress was wrapped. If not, you can buy the similar one to store and preserve your dress.

Check for stains
Make sure you check for any stains in the wedding dress. There are many chances that you could have stained your dream gown on your D-day, owing to the excitement and happiness. For instance, chances are there the gown stained from makeup, oils, wedding cakes, champagnes, etc. so, pay attention to detail in every part of your wedding gown to notice any stains.

Use mild solvent to remove the mild stains. If the stains are intense or widespread, you may damage the dress. If you are unsure, use dry cleaning services.

Use tissue papers
You need acidic free tissue papers to place in between every fold. It prevents the dress from getting damaged by its own fabric. Besides, many wedding gowns are decorated with beads, sequins and other decorative works, which may damage the fabric when it is not covered. Just make sure every layer and fold of the dress is safeguarded by breathable tissues. Wrap the full dress in muslin cloth before it is placed in the box.

Folding the Dress
Carefully fold the wedding dress without creases. This is the key to perfect preservation of wedding gown.

· Wrap the sleeves of the gown under the body.
· Fold the bodice over the skirt of the gown
· Fold the skirt up on top of the body.
· You can further gently fold it as long as it fits the packing box comfortably.

Just make sure that that you fold the dress loosely.

Say no to plastic bag storage
The first thing you should be aware that avoid plastic bags. Plastics are unhealthy for the environment. It is even more unhealthy for storing any garments. So, never ever consider storing the wedding dress in any plastic bags. Storing in plastic bag overtime may break down the chemicals and mix with the dress. It may either stain your dress or leave unpleasant odor on the fabric. It is not possible to clear off the stains as well as the chemical odor from the dress with ease.

Dry Clean the Wedding Dress and Preserve it
It is recommended to clean the wedding dress in less than a month after the wedding gala is over to ensure that the stains are removed perfectly.

It is better to dry clean the gown before you preserve it. Dry cleaners can spot the stains that you missed. Depends upon on the type of fabric, type of stain and intensity of the stain, appropriate solutions are used for stain removal. Generally, stains are removed by gentle hand wash. After cleaning the dress, steam it, press it and pack it.

You can either take the wedding dress to dry cleaners or courier the package. It costs about $150 to $500 to dry clean and store the wedding gown. However, the price may vary depends upon the fabric, accessories and add-ons to the dress, etc.

Personally Inquire the Dry Cleaner 
Don’t blindly follow anyone who recommends any dry cleaner. Many brides fall for the options suggested by the bridal shop owners or designers when they purchase the bridal dress. You should always choose someone who is experienced in handling bridal gowns. There are many who visit your home and provide the door step services, which will be a better bet. Ask the dry cleaners about the cleaning and preserving process and clear all your queries.

Sometimes, it is hard to remove a particular stain, even by experts in the field. So, just let it go and accept the fact. You can even cherish it as a part of your happy wedding moments to cherish forever.

Whether you used the services of dry cleaners and preservationist, you should store the wedding dress at your home. Here are few tips to consider. 

· Storing in plastic bags also stains the dress and changes the white into a yellowish tone.
· Don’t hang the wedding dress. Generally wedding dresses are a bit heavier. So, the weight of the dress may stretch it over time, which loses the natural shape.
· Don’t store the wedding dress in any place that can retain moisture or have direct sun exposure.
· Even if you preserved the gown, just don’t let it sleep on the pack for years. Once in a while (it will be recommended by the dry cleaner or preservationist) remove it from package, let it breathe, look for any abnormalities and store it.

Many times it would be fun to remove the wedding dress from the package and try it on you. You can even wear it for you baby’s christening ceremony after altering a few things. If you spent a fortune on the wedding dress and it really looks breathtaking, just pass it on to the generations.

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