How To Remove Stains On White Clothes?

It is a common thing to stain clothes accidentally. Sometimes you get stubborn stains that are hard to remove using standard detergents. You, however, do not have to worry, as several steps you can use to eliminate stains from white clothes successfully exist. By using the following steps, you will improve the brightness of every white cloth in your wardrobe. It does not matter if its stains that are worrying you or discoloration, these steps will help retain the original sparkling on your white garments.

Common Causes of Stains on Garments

There are many causes of stains in your white garments. Each type of stain might require a specific procedure to follow to remove it. Some of the common stain causes include:

• Coffee

• Lipstick

• Oil

• Sauce

• Grass

• Ice Cream

• Blood

• Deodorant

• Toothpaste

• Wine

• Fruit Juice

• Ink

General Rules of Successful Stain Removal

Each type of stain requires a unique removal method. However, some general approaches and ingredients that you can use to remove stains from white clothes exist. Here are some of the general methods and specific methods for removing stains for the above-listed stains.

• Ensure you remove the stain immediately it happens. If you let it stay for a long time before working on it, it becomes harder to remove.

• You should never rub a stain as this only makes the stained patch larger. Instead blot it with a wet clean absorbing cloth and absorb as much of the stain as possible. In addition, never blot using hot water as this makes the stain more permanent and harder to remove.

• Treat the stain before removing it. After successfully removing it, wash your clothes as you normally do.

Homemade Stain Removers

When you have a stained white cloth, you have two options, to either take it to the laundry shop or do it yourself using readily available ingredients in your home. The latter is easier and much affordable and, for this reason, highly recommended. The most common homemade stain removers include:

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is readily available in almost every kitchen. To make a stain remover using it, you need to put four tablespoons in a quarter cup water and mix thoroughly. Rub the homemade remover on the stain before washing the garment. Baking soda is perfect for removing stains got from perspiration and especially of white collars.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is the perfect home available remover for deodorant, coffee stain and perspiration. The best thing about this remover is that it is not only easily accessible, but you do not need to mix it with anything; you use it directly on the stain. If the stained garment has many patches stained, you can mix one tablespoon of vinegar and mix it with half-full bucket of warm water.

3. Cold water

Cold water is the best option for removing bloodstains from white clothes. All you need is to soak the stained white cloth in cold water for 10 minutes. The bloodstain dissolves slowly into the water and then you can wash your garment as usual.

How to Remove Specific Stains from White Clothes?

1. Coffee Stains

Coffee stain is usually a dye stain, unlike cream and tea stain, which are protein stains. If possible, immediately rinse the stain with cold water to avoid sticking. Have peroxide and liquid bleach close after rinsing the stain. Mix one top of peroxide with a substantial amount of water and rub the stain. This mixture should remove the stain completely. Clean the clothes as usual after removing the stain.

2. Lipstick

Lipstick is an ordinary stain and especially on men shirt if their women are the type that applies too much makeup. The good news is that this kind of stain has a variety of readily available removers. As long as you have alcohol, ammonia and hairspray, this stain should not give you a headache. If the stain is stubborn when you soak it in cold water, rub it using either ammonia, alcohol or spray it using hairspray.

3. Oil

Whether it is cooking oil or engine oil, you should not panic if it pills on your white shirt. You will need paper towel, solvent, baby powder and liquid detergent. Bloat the excessive oil using a clean cloth. Then pour the liquid detergent directly on the stain. Alternatively, you can place the stained part between two paper towels and then iron it. The iron heat melts the oil, and the paper towels absorb it.

4. Sauce

Sauce is another common stain that you can remove using a stain remover, bleach and detergent. Make sure the bleach is compatible with the material of your clothes. Pre-treat the stain before bleaching the stain. Mix the detergent with hot or warm water and wash off the stained part. You only use the stain remover if the initial process fails.

5. Grass

Grass stain is most common to players, but that should prevent you from wearing white uniform. You will require stain remover, ethanol, detergent and glycerinIn when it comes to this stain. Gently rub the stain with stain remover and give it about five minutes to get absorbed and dissolve the stain. If you prefer using ethanol, soak a sponge with ethanol and put it on the stain spot and the clean using soapy water. If you prefer glycerin, mix glycerin with water and cover the stain with it until the stain disappears.

6. Blood

Removing bloodstain requires unseasoned meat tenderizer, ammonia and paper towels. First, soak the stain in cold water before using the mentioned ingredients. Sprinkle the cold water with ammonia and soak the garment for twenty minutes. Sprinkling the garment in this way sets the bloodstain after which you should dampen it using warm water. It is necessary to put meat tenderizer at this stage and cover it using paper towels. Leave the clothes for a whole night and rinse it the following day.

7. Fruit Juice

Bleach, bar soap and detergent are all you need to remove fruit stains from white clothes successfully. First, soak the stain in cold water and then rub it using bar soap. Before drying up, wash it with bleach and detergent and the stain will be no more.

8. Ink

You will need rubbing alcohol, detergent, dry cloth and hair spray. Apply some alcohol on the stain and gently rub it using detergent. Repeat the procedure if the first round does not give perfect results. Wash the clothes later as usual.

9. Toothpaste

It is common to have toothpaste stains when you are brushing your teeth and, as a result, should always be ready with the following items; paper towels, clear dish liquid and ammonia. First, rub the stain with warm water, if this does not work mix ammonia with water and clean the stain using the paper towel. To remove this stain, you need to be a little bit fast and especially if the toothpaste with the whitening type.

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