How To Remove Tough Stains On Laundry?

When you get some tough stains on your laundry, then you always find it really hard to get rid of those stains. Some people also claim that you can easily remove the stains from your clothes if you clean it as soon as you get the stain. However, this tip does not work for most of the time and many times you need to try some special ways to remove all kind of stains from your laundry. In this article, I am going to share some of the basic and very advance tips with you that can help you remove all kind of stains from your laundry in easy and effective manner.

Use stain removing products:
In market a lot of stains removing products are there that can help you remove all kind of stains from your laundry in easy manner. You can easily get these products from local super market and you can get the best result from it. Also, if you want you can try some good quality products that people use at commercial level for laundry work. And to use these products you can simply follow the rules or instructions guided by that particular clearing products and you can remove different kind of stains from your clothes in easy manner.
Use vinegar solution:
If you do not want to use specific stain removing product or if you are not getting it, then you can simply soak the stained cloth in white vinegar and cold water mixture. This method can work in certain type of stains created by deodorant or other similar products. Also, when you use vinegar to remove stains from your laundry, then it is a good idea that you test the solution on a small part of the cloth before soaking the cloth in it. If you see no negative effect on the small part of your clothes with white vinegar then you can use it to remove the stains from your laundry else do not try this method.

Use baking soda, comet and warm water:

When you get grease one your cloths, then most of the laundry solutions give no positive result with that. In that situation you can simply make a paste of baking soda, comet and warm water and you can apply this solution on the stains. Now leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and after that wash the stain with regular detergent soap. In most of the cases this method work really great and you will be able to remove all the grease stains from it in a very easy manner. Other than this you can also
Use shout to remove oil and lipstick marks:
Oil and lipstick marks are some of the toughest stains and you cannot remove it with traditional laundry option. To remove these stains you need to use shout paste to remove the stain from your cloth. Also when you apply it on the stain then you apply the fabric on both side of the fabric and after that wait for 2 hours before doing the laundry of your cloths. Also, when you do the laundry then make sure you use only good quality detergents to get the optimum result with it.

Use soaking to remove the blood stain:
If you have kids in your house, then blood stains can be one of the most common issue in your home. The most annoying thing about blood stains is that it embraces the fabric at very root level and because of that you find it very hard to remove it easily. However, removing this stain can be one of the easiest things that you can do in laundry. For removing blood stains you just need to have patience and then you can get amazing result by that. For removing blood stains you can simply soak the stained cloth in cold water for 24 hour and then you can see if you have a clean cloth or not. If you do not get the expected result then you can apply some shout paste on it and you can leave it for another 24 hours and you will have cloth free from all the blood stains.

Use Hair spray to remove ink stain:
Ink stains can be another very common issue that you can have experience if you have school going kids in your house. The good thing about this stain is that you can easily remove it just by directly applying some hair spray on the stain. Ideally you should not have any stain after sometime and after that you can certainly do the laundry of your clothes with cold water. Here, you need to understand that hot water can set in the stain so avoid use of hot water to avoid any possible chances of trouble.

Bloat the stain:
If you will try to remove the stain using your washing machine, then it’s hot water or dryer can actually set the stain in more tougher way. So, it is a good idea that when you try to remove the stain then you rub it gently you scrub it using a nice cloth. This rubbing or scrubbing will not only remove the stain from your cloth but it will also make sure that you do not get any damage of cloth by it. In addition to this bloating of stain will also allow you to work on a specific area for stain removing which is not possible if you use washing machine to remove the stain from your laundry.

Ideally one or more solutions should work for you for removing stains from your laundry work. However, if you do not get the desired result with it, then it is strongly recommend that instead of doing any more hit and try you take experts help to get rid of stains. I am suggesting this because if you will do more hit and try, then you might damage the fabric and it might become completely useless for you because of those small problems that you can have in your cloths due to your improper laundry methods

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