How To Wash Your Winter Clothes?

When the winter arrives, you find yourself spending a lot of time to unpack stored bags, and take out your woolens. During the process, you may find your jackets, gloves and sweaters ruined by the attack of moths and pests. Improper washing and storage of your winter clothes might have caused such problems. Hence, proper washing and storage is the key to keep your clothes in perfect condition. The methods you use to clean the clothes can have a major impact on the life of the fabric. In this post, we have discussed everything about cleaning and storing your clothes in the winter season in Singapore.

Washing Clothes 

It’s quite obvious that you need to use a high quality detergent that does not contain any chemical or harsh substances. Dry cleaning your clothes is always a better idea. You should gently scrub the clothes, and rinse them with warm water. It is important to let your winter clothes breathe before you take them out of the bucket of water.

Drying Clothes in Cold Weather
During the winter season in Singapore, clothes tend to be slightly colder than normal. You won’t be able to see much sunlight to dry your clothes in the morning. It can be quite chilly. In this case, you should choose a professional cleaner or dry cleaning service.
Improper drying of clothes can cause the fabric to get damaged. It may even create a foul odor to spoil other clothes in your wardrobe. It is better to use a drier or steamer to make sure your clothes are perfectly dry before you hang them in your wardrobe. A professional service will make sure your clothes are uniformly and neatly dried. Cleaning services in Singapore offer their services at affordable prices. You can even find a professional service on the Internet.

Make Clothes Inside Out 
There are many winter clothes like fur clothes or fleece jackets that can be cleaned easily when you wash them inside out. Before washing your clothes in the winter season, you should make them inside out. This will help you clean them without any problems. This way, you will always be assured that your clothes are properly cleaned, and all the stains and dirt are removed completely.

Cleaning Suede or Leather Coat 
A suede or leather coat always requires professional cleaning. If you try to wash your suede or leather coat on your own, it may damage the fabric. However, if there are some small stains on your coats, you can use a stain removal product to clean the coat. There are many stain removal products specifically produced for such clothes. You need to make sure the product does not contain any harmful chemicals that may damage the suede or leather garment.

Cleaning Woolen Coats 
Woolen coats have always been the most popular outfit. They can be the perfect choice for the chilly weather in Singapore. Woolen coats are more expensive than other garments in your wardrobe. They are produced from high quality, soft wool. If you wash them properly and regularly, it would make them last longer.

There are times when you may spill some juice or coffee on your woolen coat. You need to make sure the stains are removed immediately. You should use a high quality stain remover, and use some warm water to scrub off the stains. If your budget allows, you should even take the woolen coat to a professional cleaning service. It will make sure your expensive garment stays in excellent condition.

Cleaning Other Coats 
While cleaning your coat, it is important to take proper care of many different factors. Unnecessary pressure applied on the coats may dry the feathers. Therefore, you need to use warm water to soak the coat in soapy water, and clean it twice every winter season. Once in the beginning, and once in the end will be perfect.

Take Care of Fleece Jackets 
Although fleece jackets are the easiest to wash, they can be very hard to dry. In order to dry them after washing, you should use an air drying method or lay them flat. You need to leave them for about an hour to dry. Washing winter clothes can be time consuming and complex. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional cleaning service to make sure your clothes are cleaned properly, and there’s no damage to the fabric.

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