Is Dry Cleaning Good For Leather Jacket?

As versatile as a leather jacket may be, like every other garment, it is prone to attracting dirt and getting worn out. Leather looks ravishing on both men and women and can help express various moods and styles depending on how they choose to wear it. If you own or have owned a genuine leather jacket, then you probably know that it is one of the most expensive pieces of clothing anyone can buy. Luckily, the good thing is that leather jackets also tend to last a long time if proper care is taken.

But cleaning jackets made of leather comes with its own sort of complications because leather cannot be put in a washer and cleaned by normal methods or the material will get damaged, shrink, or deform. Fortunately, dry cleaning works well for cleaning leather because of which it is considered the most preferred method by professional cleaners and leather jacket owners worldwide.

Dry cleaning leather jackets – myths busted!

Dry cleaning is harmful to leather: Many people have the misconception that leather jackets should not be dry cleaned because the chemical used in the process may harm the material. However, this is not the truth because dry cleaning is one of the safest and easiest ways to get that out of a leather jacket when done correctly.

Only go for expensive dry cleaning methods: There are also people who are of the opinion that only an expensive dry cleaning service can clean the jackets. This isn’t true as well because the leather material can be cleaned even at home by using proper methods. You need to pay out a chunk of your month savings; all you need is an effective cleaner that does its job well.

Cleaning leather jackets too often may cause damage: This is another myth that people often propagate as the fear that their leather might split. While no hard and fast rule dictate the number of times you should clean leather, it’s a good practice to perform cleaning and maintenance depending on the number of times you’ve worn it. In reality, you don’t need to dry regularly cleaning your jacket as giving it a complete wipe over with a cloth does its job just fine. Don’t let water or other dirt sit on leather or else it may get soiled.

Dry cleaning reduces leather durability: Not just dry cleaning, too much washing and cleaning of any piece of cloth can alter its state and make it fragile. Dry cleaning is not to be blamed here because fabric can lose its strength when washed too frequently. Be sure to check your jacket’s label carefully for washing instructions and use appropriate cleaning material for the job.

Dry cleaners may damage the leather: This is another myth that people spread only out of fear of losing their favorite leather jacket. Most professional dry cleaners have built up a reputation based on years of excellent service and have completely trustworthy with your clothes. Most cleaners do not prefer using harsh chemicals if there is a way to remove dirt and build up with the use of mild substances. So, do not fear about giving your clothing to a professional dry cleaner.

Tips for caring leather jackets at home

1. If your leather jacket has got wet for any reason, then make sure you let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in your closet. As you may already know, leather and water don’t get along well so drying the material of all water absorption is a must.

2. If the leather material gets dirty from mud, dust, or food spill, wipe it off using a damp cloth immediately before letting it out to dry. Never let loose dirt accumulate in leather material as they can prove to be damaging in the long run.

3. Never put on leather clothes in front of anything that acts as a source of heat, especially an area that has a fireplace. If your job involves working in the areas where there is a high temperature, then avoid wearing your leather jacket to work.

4. Harsher substances like gasoline, oil, or other chemicals are difficult to remove and is best left to be dealt by professional leather cleaners. Remember to tell them exactly what happened or else they might miss out on any detail crucial for proper treatment.

5. Be sure to condition and clean your leather jacket every year, and even more so if you wear it frequently and expose it to harsh conditions. It’s better to condition the material at the end of a season and just before you put it away in the closet.

Side effects of dry cleaning

Like every other cloth, your leather jacket is susceptible to side effects caused by cleaning methods. Even though the extent of these effects may be very dependent on various factors like quality of leather and method used for cleaning, there are signs that you can expect to see once you dry clean your item. These side effects are loss of color, loss of oils, change of texture and shading, wrinkles, and even minor shrinkage.

If you do not adopt the appropriate cleaning measures, then there is a high chance that the side effects mentioned above will be to a great extent. So, utilizing caution during the cleaning process is as important as choosing the right material and method of cleaning.


As it should be obvious by now that dry cleaning is the safest way to clean a leather jacket, be careful with your method because this material is delicate and requires some degree of dedication to maintain. If you are unsure about your skills in dry cleaning, there is always the option to go for a dry cleaning agency that will take professional care of your item.

You’d be amazed to learn how many years a leather jacket can last in pristine condition if maintained properly. Your favorite jacket will forever be yours, and you’ll be able to meet situation with utmost confidence when you have it on.

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