Is Natural Carpet Cleaning Efficient?

Over the centuries carpet has remained one of the main components for floor decorations in Singapore. It symbolizes aristocracy, it’s a mark of style and above all it creates a very pleasing ambience in a household or commercial place. Carpets have varieties, hence depending upon the floor type and budget buyers can select the most suitable one for their homes or business places. At the same time carpet cleaning is another vital aspect in maintaining healthy environment of the room for the inmates and visitors. So, just buying an adorable carpet and rolling it on the floor is not enough. The owners need to think about cleaning it scientifically in regular manner to keep dust and germs away, which is also a vital aspect for the carpet also.

Why carpet cleaning a serious issue?
Carpet cleaning is very serious routine job that nobody should miss or ignore it. The fibrous upper layers easily catch dirt and dust. Moreover, fine particles reside deep inside the carpet clinging around the base of each fiber. This natural but unhealthy occurrence is not visible through naked eyes. As the days pass, such deposits take stony formation. Along with dirt and dust irregular shaped comparatively bigger particles are also carried by the inmates and pets that similarly reside deep inside the carpet. These uneven stony particles form scratches over the carpet if somehow they get heavy pressures.

Apart from these malicious particles various forms of germs and carpet bugs remain underneath quite comfortably. Carpets then become a source of various diseases in the following ways:

Carpet is an excellent breeding ground for mold and many other fungi. The warmth of a carpet is favourable for their quick and healthy growth of any fungus. This is a common development in hot and humid places. Molds and mold like fungi can cause various skin allergies and infections especially to children and pets.

Carpets are giant filters. They trap dirt, dust and various minute allergens as stated earlier. These particles in turn attract insects. Because of the favourable temperature and environment, they easily attract insects like bugs, mites and beetles. When these insects dwell inside the carpet undisturbed for a longer time, these start to eat up the fibers thus spoiling the expensive material.

Carpet is an expensive home decorating and floor protecting item for any household, business place, and offices. Nobody wants to make it a recurring expense. Hence, cleaning it regularly will enhance the durability and keep the quality of carpet intact for quite some years. Cleaning carpets on regular basis also keeps these expensive products in good shape too. The scratches formed by dirt and dust or bigger particles as stated above often destroy the fibers or create minute pores on the base layers of the carpets. Thus, constant deposits of dust particles, breeding of bugs and proliferation of fungi soon distort the shape of it.

Proper cleaning with the help of professional cleaners keeps all these perilous living and non living foreign agents away from damaging a carpet.

Need and decision for through carpet cleaning
Regularity in carpet cleaning is the only way to keep the carpet in proper form as also healthy environment of the place where it is floored. Suppliers provide all necessary information about the cleaning method of a carpet; however professional carpet cleaners having good track records are always the best choices in this matter. The following things need to be noticed while making a decision regarding carpet cleaning:

Weather of the room and surrounding areas where the carpet is floored- if garden or a swimming pool is just beside the room, carpet placed there needs special attention than a carpet rolled on a room in third floor.

Walking frequency on the carpet, such as a carpet on a floor where large public gathering takes place needs different mode of cleaning than for a carpet in a household with only three members.

Average age of people or pet living in the household also needs to be taken into account while deciding the frequency cleaning and process thereof.

Professional cleaners make a difference

It’s not always feasible to depend on homely techniques and processes. Professional people do the same thing in some different ways, thus making a carpet clean from deep inside. So, the owners need professional interventions as far as cleaning of carpets are concerned because-

They have modern equipments, necessary cleaning chemicals and expertise in this matter.
They have experience in cleaning different types of carpets. Also, they possess sufficient knowledge regarding nature of different manufacturing materials of carpets. Hence, they apply suitable cleaning chemicals to keep the very characteristics of the fibers intact.

Process the professional cleaners maintain
Professional carpet cleaners take every assignment as unique from other assignments. They follow a process as mentioned below:

The carpet is examined to understand its nature and manufacturing quality.
They inspect through their professional eyes and modern equipments the amount of dust and dirt developed over time. They also inspect presence of bugs, mites and fungi etc. in the carpet.
Different cleaning process is followed depending upon the state of the carpet.

Professional cleaners follow different processes for residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning: To keep daily work processes of the commercial entity uninterrupted, most commercial carpet cleaners undertake dry cleaning process. At the same time, carpet deodorization, carpet protection and stain cleaning are the parts of commercial carpet cleaning process. In some exceptional situation hot water treatment becomes inevitable.
Residential Carpet Cleaning: It’s somewhat different from commercial carpet cleaning process. Professionals undertake situation based process that includes dry cleaning process, hot water treatment process and mites or allergens removal process etc.

Apart from periodical cleaning, professional cleaners give all necessary advices to keep a carpet stainless, germless and tidy. They also provide necessary training to the family members or responsible persons in business places regarding different self- cleaning methods. It’s necessary to clean a carpet regularly and getting a professional cleaning once in a while to prolong the durability of the carpet and making surrounding environment lively.

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