The 7 Hidden Dangers Of Dirty Carpet

There are a lot of dangers that are associated with the presence of a dirty carpet. Most of the people ignore their carpets and they will end up being victims of such dangers. It is very important to ensure that the carpets are very clean as they are encountered in most homes in Singapore. You can imagine a baby sitting on a dirty carpet! The dangers will not only affect the crawling babies but even the pets that are usually on the carpet. In case you have a carpet that is not clean, you should make use of professional carpet cleaners to ensure that your carpet is in good hygienic condition.

Here are some of the 7 Hidden Danger of Dirty Carpet

1.It Encourages The Presence Of Allergens And Dust Mites In Your Floor –
Leaving a carpet without cleaning for a longer period of time will accumulate a lot of dirt. This will encourage the dust mites and the allergens to settle on such carpets. They are very small organisms that do very well in the humid parts of Singapore. That is the condition that is created by such carpets and they will find the best place to multiply. They are responsible for causing running noise, congestion, severe cold, skin rashes and sneezing. In case you have any difficulty when it comes to cleaning of your carpet, you should seek professional assistance as there are a lot of professional carpet cleaners in Singapore.

2.There Will Be A Lot Of Dust And Pollutants –
Dust and pollutants will accumulate in such carpets. This is due to the fact that there will be particles that are hidden under the carpet and without regular cleaning; there will be a lot of dust beneath you carpet. Such dust and pollutants will be responsible for causing asthma and other diseases associated with a lot of dust. Such dusts are sometimes unnoticed especially when their colour is the same as that of the carpet. To avoid such diseases associated with pollutants and dusts, you should get rid of the dust that accumulates in the carpet.

3.Formation Of Mildews And Molds –
When dirt accumulates on your carpet, they will create a humid environment which is very conducive for the growth of molds and mildews. This happens especially on the places with moisture most of the time. Such places include the bathroom and the kitchen. You have to be very careful so as to ensure that the carpet is clean and dry always. This will prevent the growth of such molds and mildews. The presence of molds in your house will be very dangerous to your kids and the pregnant ladies around due to asthma and other breathing issues. Besides, the presence of molds will interfere with the odour of the house. There will be a bad smell that will render the occupants uncomfortable. To avoid this, you should clean your carpet on regular basis and ensure that the carpet is always dry.

4.There Will Be Germs In Such Carpets –
When the carpets are dirty, they will be serving as the breeding spots for the germs. This is very common in Singapore especially during the wet and cold seasons. This will be very dangerous for the small babies and your pets that are always in contact with the carpet. Therefore you should always go for carpet cleaning on regular basis to avoid the breeding of such germs.

5.Presence Of Pests And Insects –
When the carpets are left to be dirty, they will be breeding places of some insects and pests. This will provide them with the best environment to multiply. This will be very dangerous to your kids as they may be bitten by such insects and pests. Besides, such insects may interfere with your sleep as some are noisy.

6.Presence Of Pet Dander –
This is very common when you have a pet such as a cat or a dog. Pet dander likes staying in places with a lot of dirt such as unwashed carpet. This will irritate your babies at home and makes everyone uncomfortable.

7.Physical Dangers –
Dirty carpets are normally associated with some physical dangers such as sliding and even being injured by some particles in the unwashed carpet. To avoid sliding and such injuries, your carpet should be very clean and dry.

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