What Is The Best Method To Clean Your Wedding Dress?

Wedding dresses of the individuals are usually kept safe in the closets for the memory of your special day. A stain on it can make you get much worried. There are certain things that you can do for keeping your wedding dress clean. The dry cleaning and wet cleaning are the two methods that are adopted for making your wedding dress clean by removing all the stains and dirt in it. Wet cleaning has many benefits that make the perspiration and spills of food to get removed from the dress. It is always advised for storing the wedding dresses.

The first thing that you need to do is to properly examine the dress for finding out whether the dress has any form of stains over it. Try to get all the necessary things for cleaning the wedding dress. The skirt or the train that you used on the wedding day may get dirty unless you do not lift at all the places where you are moving.

The body of the dress should be kept away from water and you should soak the dirty hem in bathtub filled with water that is warm and sudsy for some hours.
After soaking, the hem can be cleaned by using liquid detergent and toothbrush, make sure that you do not spoil the dress and so brush softly. Dress linings can also be cleaned by making use of the detergent. Clean all layers of hem well and wash it thoroughly once you complete it.

The dress should be turned inside out and the bodice area should be sprayed with the solution that contains soap and water.
The detergent and toothbrush can be made used for cleaning the stains that might have occurred due to perspiration. The skirt lining should be checked next for stains and all the layers of lining that has stain should be brushed and removed.

The outside portion of the dress can be carefully observed so that any stains that are found on the outside part can be removed by spraying the sudsy solution.
The stains can be cleaned if necessary with the usage of toothbrush gently. The laces & trims should be take care when cleaning is proceeded with toothbrush. If the water and soap cannot remove stains properly, the best thing that can be done is to mix the oxy clean solution and placing the area that is stained in this solution until stain disappears.

Once the cleaning of the dress is satisfactory for you, then the bathtub can be filled using warm water and you can place the whole dress in to it
. Swish dress in this water as soaps that are used on the dress as part of the cleaning process is removed. Keep filling the tub and washing the dress as a whole repeatedly until there is no soap bubbles inside the water. It is essential to do at least three rinses as it is important to remove all the soap and cleaning solution from the wedding dress completely.

Drying is another thing that should be done carefully and properly so that the dress can be stored safely inside the closet.
The wedding dress should be dried on a line but not by hanging using a hanger. Weight on wet dress can damage the wedding dress and so it should be carefully dried. Place a fold up rack for drying in bathtub and dry the wedding dress by placing over it. The dress should be placed in such a manner so that the weight of the dress is distributed equally on the rack. Another method through which you can dry the wedding dress is by placing dress on the shower by placing a towel on it.

Some towels should be placed on floor for protecting the floor from wedding dress that is dripping.
After drying of the dress, it should be spread carefully with all the layers of lining and skirt. This can help the pressing of the wedding dress as the wrinkles will be removed with this process. This can make it easier for you to press the clothes in a proper manner.

The next thing that you can do is to press the clothes in a proper way by using steaming of dress.
When the pressing is done by yourself, it is recommended for you to press dress from inside.

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