Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies? Many people overlook curtains during regular home cleanings. However, this allows drapes to collect dust and allergens that can make people feel unwell. These particles are so small that they are almost undetectable.

The only way to ensure your curtain is free of allergens is to clean it regularly. Read on to know more about culprits living on drapes that trigger allergic reactions and how to tackle them.

Dust and toxins

Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

Curtains have the role of protecting the house from light, heat, and outside pollutants. With this mission in mind, the drapes trap dust and toxins, preventing them from spreading through the house. So far so good. However, if in large quantities, the accumulated pollutants may trigger allergic reactions, like sneezing, runny nose, and coughing.

Dust mites

Dust mites are microscopic culprits that silently sneak onto your body causing allergic symptoms. They are present in places where people live, especially on beds and carpets. Curtains are also a location where dust mites love to set up their camp. The worst thing about them is that you can’t notice them. You may suspect their presence only when allergic reactions occur.

If you touch the drapes often, dust mites are also likely to appear, as they feed on dead skin flakes. While these mites need time to reproduce, you always have the chance to prevent their expansion by cleaning the curtains.


Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

Inhaling mold spores may lead to respiratory disease and allergies. Especially vulnerable to mold are people suffering from asthma and kids. Since mold needs a humid environment to thrive, you may not expect it to accumulate on room curtains. Due to exposure to the sun, they are always dry. A place where you really have to expect mold to grow is shower drapes.

The hot water steam keeps the curtains almost always wet. This is the perfect environment for mold to emerge. And most of the time, you will not be able to see it, as it hides behind soap build-ups. While keeping the shower curtains dry seems the best advice, you also want to clean them from time to time.

Can curtain cleaning help with allergies?

If the cause of the allergies is a dirty curtain, cleaning it will definitely reduce allergic symptoms. As previously mentioned, the curtain harbors a lot of elements that can trigger allergic reactions. You just have to remove them successfully to prevent unstoppable sneezing, runny nose, and asthma symptoms.

There are a few cleaning methods that rid the drapes of allergens at ease.

1. Steam cleaning

This method uses a jet of steam that kills any type of germs and lifts dust build-ups. If you use it properly, curtain allergens will become a story of the past. While running the steam iron across the curtain, make sure they don’t come in direct contact.

The excessively hot iron may damage the fabric. You are good to divide the drape into imaginary sections to ensure you treat each and every inch of it.

2. Machine washing

Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

If you don’t have a steam iron, throw the drapes into the washing machine. Read the curtain label to see which washing mode it is suitable with and which temperature it tolerates. While not as efficient as steam cleaning, lower-temperature machine washing might do the trick as well at destroying allergens.

The detergent will compensate for the insufficient temperature. It will dissolve dust build-ups and disrupt the mold spore and mite membrane.

3. Dry cleaning

If you don’t have time for home cleaning, you can take the drapes to a dry cleaning facility. The low-moisture cleaning compound along with high temperature will rid the curtain of elements triggering allergic reactions.

Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies? – Final thoughts

Can Curtain Cleaning Help With My Allergies?

If you suffer from allergic symptoms, it would be reasonable to suspect your curtains for causing them. The chance for drapes to be a hub of allergens is especially high if they lack regular cleaning. If you forget too many times to clean your drapes, they will start to accumulate lots of harmful elements.

These include dust mites, dust, toxins, and mold. Luckily, you can get rid of these allergy-causing culprits in a variety of ways. Be sure to use machine washing, steam cleaning, or dry cleaning to make your drapes safe for health again.

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