Why Use Our Laundry Pickup Delivery Service?

Singapore Laundry Services offers eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning to homes and various businesses in Singapore. It assures excellent results at affordable prices that will put a smile in the face of every customer. If you have been wondering whether there is a company that offers on-time delivery services, then this is the company to think about. Having spent a significant amount of time in the industry, the firm has beaten all the odds to emerge the company-to-admire at all times. Here are some of the attributes that has earned us a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

Laundry Services Singapore Intro

We handle our clients’ property with utmost care and determination that it deserves. All our cleaning procedures utilize non-toxic cleaning agents. We understand the dangers that results from use of harmful substances and nothing will ever compel us to use malicious ways that will harm our reputation. We have always struggled to deliver the best and our past and present customers have enabled us to reach where we are. In fact most of our new customers have been referred to us by our past customers. This has made us proud because we understand that our services meet our customers’ expectations.

At our company, each laundry order is taken seriously. An order is attended to separately since no two items share similar properties. As a customer, you will be taken through a menu of detergents, bleaches, softeners and other cleaning products. You will receive the necessary assistance in case there are some issues that require clarification. Don’t also forget that we accommodate all requests for special treatments’ including drip drying and delicate washing.

We understand that everybody has a tight schedule in life. We all have activities to engage in and duties to deliver. As a result if that, we strive to deliver our services with minimal disruptions of our clients’ schedule. In this regard, laundry can be delivered to our drivers during a time frame that suits the customer. Laundry can also be left in a secure position where our drivers can access e.g. in a secure point in your apartment. This is meant to cause you minimal disruption of your daily schedule since you will not have to meet us so that you can make a submission of your clothing.

  • Request a delivery or pick up from our company by giving us a call. Alternatively, you may use our online services. Ensure that everything has been arranged in advance so that your clothes can be picked up on your route area time.
  • Ensure that you label your items clearly; include your names as well as instructions.
  • We will collect your laundry at the arranged time from you, your receptionist, or a safe location.
  • Within the specified time, your items will be professionally cleaned and they will be delivered in accordance to your instructions. Always bear in mind that your items are safe with us. Customers should understand that we have no special rules or hidden fees. Everything is disclosed to the customers.