5 Reasons To Use Our Part Time Maid Service

The trend of using part time maid services in Singapore is increasing day by day with the increasing demand of maid helpers in domestic works. In fact you need part time maid for your convenience as a helping hand in the domestic works. Today people have become more conscious about their living standard and health so they focus more on cleanliness and tidiness. It had increased the need of part time maid services in Singapore.

But before using our part time maid service for your household needs you must know the reasons for it. Though they are simple but still they are important to know.

1. Time saving

A part time maid of Laundry Services will help you in rescheduling your time to be spent with your family. Most of the works done by you will be taken over by your maid which will save lots of your time involved in them. You can spend the time saved from those household works with your family and friends by going for some outing or communicating with them through phone or personally.

2. Money saving

If you both are working parents even then you do not need a full time maid to look after your children as several child care centers run by state government make arrangement for them. Moreover part time cleaner can handle rest of the works at the time when you are available at home at predetermined time. In this way you can save lots of money by employing a part time maid instead of full time maid as well as by sending your children to childcare centers

3. Flexibility

You can use our services of the part time maid as and when required by you. You can call us at the time suitable to you. This will not only save the space need for accommodating a full time maid but also the money to be paid against her full time services. Employing full time maid also increases several responsibilities for the employer including her health care etc.

4. Freedom
You can make arrangements with us for part time maid services to use our services more flexibly. You can get the things arranged if you are going out for holidays for few weeks or having any change in your lifestyle only by timely informing them. In case of full time maid sometimes it becomes difficult to make arrangements accordingly.

5. Privacy

You can enjoy your privacy in the presence of part time maid as compared to full time maid. The former one visits your home at her scheduled time only whereas full time maid remains with you all the time. Thus you can enjoy your freedom and privacy with maid visiting at scheduled time. With the help of a part time maid at your home you can increase your productivity in cleaning and arranging your home more efficiently in Singapore. Even if you are a working woman you can find your home clean and tidy when you return from your job. Your maid will arrange your cluttered home even in your absence.

Thus there are a number of reasons for using our part time maid or part time cleaner services in Singapore.

Weekly Regular House Cleaning


  • Cleaning of toilets
  • Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of floors
  • Folding & ironing of clothing
  • Cleaning of rooms and kitchen
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Cleaning of window and grilles when needed
  • Wiping of stove areas

Clients need to provide all cleaning products & cleaning materials

4 Hours PackageBest Seller Package3 Hours PackageValue Package
Once a week 4 hours (total of 4 cleaning sessions)$399Once a week 3 hours (total of 4 cleaning sessions)$359
Twice a week 4 hours (total of 8 cleaning sessions)$798Twice a week 3 hours (total of 8 cleaning sessions)$719
Thrice a week 4 hours (total of 12 cleaning sessions)$1189Thrice a week 3 hours (total of 12 cleaning sessions)$1079
Additional hour$22Additional hour$22
Registration free/agent fee$0Registration free/agent fee$0

Spring Cleaning Services

1 Person$1594 hrs< 651 square feet
1 Person$1885 hrs651-891 square feet
2 Persons$2854 hrs891-1200 square feet
2 Persons$3395 hrs1200-1400 square feet
3 Persons$3984 hrs1400-1800 square feet
3 Persons$4795 hrs1800-2200 square feet
3 Persons$5586 hrs2200-2800 square feet
Private PropertyQuotation6-8 hrs> 2800 square feet

Extra hour extension per cleaner: $22 (weekly packages) and $30 (ah-hoc/spring cleaning)

  • if our cleaner cannot finish the cleaning session within the allocated hour, you may request for extra hours but subject to cleaner’s avalability
  • Client needs to provide all cleaning products & cleaning materials
  • Need us to provide cleaning materials? Each cleaning set is chargeable at $80. Add vacuum $30.
  • 20% surcharge for the month of peak period New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya & Christmas.
  • Prices will be subjected to GST