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Gone are the days when clothes were hand washed at home after removing stains with lemon juice or kerosene or other natural stain removers. Today Singapore has undergone changes in all sectors. People have no time to wash and then press their clothes. Moreover, they want to look best and wear the best. They want their clothes to be taken care by professional dry cleaners. Are you looking for the best laundry service? If so, I am sure you would analyze and compare various laundry servicing companies before choosing the best. Have a look at the services provided by us and then decide if we are the best for you.

What are the services we provide? We offer laundry pickup services. You need not waste your valuable time to bring the clothes to be cleaned. We pick them up from your door. Are you worried that your clothes may get lost while dry cleaning? Don’t worry. We mark the clothes with codes. A code is given for each and every customer. There is absolutely no risk of your clothes getting lost.

We sort the fabrics to be cleaned.
They are sorted according to color and fabric. We want to make sure that the colors of one fabric do not mix with the other. We know that the treatment varies from one fabric to fabric. That is why they are sorted. We also sort out clothes that are stained. We use different stain removers depending upon the nature and intensity of the stains. We spot the stains with chemicals and remove them before loading the clothes for washing. Clothes with damages are also sorted out separately. Clothes with loose buttons are fixed before cleaning.

After that we load the fabrics of same material and same color into the machine.
The program should be set according to the nature of fabric. Moreover, some clothes are more soiled and some are less spoiled. This factor also decides the program to be chosen. The cleaning fluid added also varies depending upon the fabric.

Now it is the time to check if the stains are removed.
We proceed to hang, fold and press them if we are satisfied that the clothes are really clean. The clean clothes are delivered at your doorstep. We make sure that we deliver your clothes promptly on the scheduled date and time.

Our dry cleaning service and laundry service do not stop with cleaning of your clothes alone. We offer curtain cleaning service too. Curtains give a beautiful and sophisticated look to your home but they tend to get dirty easily. It is not easy to remove and clean the curtains and hang them again. We offer to do all these jobs for you. The curtains cleaned by expertise hands in our company are sure to give a fresh and new look to your curtains.

We know that there are several risks involved in our service but we are careful and cautious to make sure that your clothes are safe.

Are you satisfied that our laundry service offers more services than what you expect? If so, you can choose us to take care of all your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Your search for the best dry cleaning service stops here.

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