How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning? – We shall be discovering a few ways to dry your carpet really fast after cleaning. But before that, it is important to know why you should always keep your carpet dry.

Well, the carpet has padding underneath, and in between, there is a little space. This little space can prove to be a big problem area.

If, after cleaning, you do not dry out your carpet, then this moist space will become a breeding ground. Molds, mildews, and other microorganisms will begin growing here.

Not only will it make your carpet unhygienic but also create a bad smell. It is thus important to dry your carpet as fast as can be, after cleaning.

Now you surely understand why you should dry carpet faster after cleaning. So, let us also discover some of the ways to do so.

Allow Fresh Air to Do the Job

How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

It is normal for all of us to hang our clothes on the line outside to dry it faster. You can try a similar method to dry your carpet quickly.

If you have a room which has many windows, then you need not worry at all. Also, if there is a door that opens onto your garden or patio, it will prove to be more helpful.

You simply need to keep all the windows and doors open and create a perfect ventilation system in your room. Not only will the drying out process be quicker, but also there will be no damp odor in your room.

Though this is a great option, there is one thing you need to remember. If there is too much humidity in your area, then opening the windows and door will do no good.

It will be better to keep them closed and follow the other ideas suggested here.

Use Your Ceiling/Standing/Desk Fan

How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

Your good old fan can also prove to be of great help if you want to enjoy fast results. It will be a good idea to use your ceiling fans to dry out the carpet fast. Make sure you keep your carpet right under your fan.

The fan will create a funnel of air, and as this air blows over your carpet, it will dry quickly.

Not only can you use your ceiling fan, but even standing or desk fan. These fans will work but not as amazing as a ceiling fan. But, you can use two such fans, place them on opposite sides, and your carpet will dry out faster.

Turn On Your Air-Conditioning

How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

The air from your air-conditioning unit will not circulate constantly as it does when you use a fan. However, you can still try this method during rainy days when you cannot open the windows.

Also, you can try this option if somehow using a fan is not possible.

Just remember one thing that the cold air from your air conditioning unit will react with your carpet’s wet fabric. It will then be difficult for you to understand if your carpet is cold or it is still wet.

It will be a good idea to contact a professional carpet cleaner. You can ask them for how long you must keep your air conditioning on to dry your carpet completely.

Dehumidify the Air

To dry out your carpet, the water present in its fibers has to evaporate. For evaporation to happen, the air around the carpet has to be drier than your carpet itself. You can turn up your HVAC for the purpose.

It will strip moisture naturally from the air present in your home. This, in turn, will greatly reduce the drying time of your wet carpet even if the weather outside is unfavorable.

If you can, leave the HVAC on overnight, this will help dry out your carpet completely.

Towels Can Help

You can even use your towels to get quick results. You simply need to place towels over the wet areas of the carpet. Towels are basically absorbent fabrics.

So, when you place them over your wet carpet, it absorbs the water and dries out the carpet.

Though this process seems to be very easy, it will take a bit of your time and effort. You will need to keep placing the towels over different areas and then walk over it for a while.

It would be best if you kept on walking until the towels soak the water completely. Once the towels are wet, you need to replace them with fresh, dry towels and again start walking.

You have to continue this process until your carpet is completely dry. Do not forget to check underneath your carpet as well. The carpet padding and your floor too must not be wet.

To Conclude – How To Dry Carpet Faster After Cleaning?

Drying carpet at home and that too quickly is indeed possible. As per your convenience, you can try any of the methods suggested above. You are sure to be happy with the results.

Your carpets will dry out faster than you ever imagined, and you can start using them right away.

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