How To Handwash Delicate Clothings?

How To Handwash Delicate Clothings? We all know that hand wash is healthier than machine wash. But, it also needs your patience and efforts, maybe even more than the machine washes, and sometimes you might feel like giving up on hand-washing clothing.

Here are some tips for hand washing delicate clothing. Read on – How To Handwash Delicate Clothings?

1) Prepare a large washing container.

Fill it with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent powder. Please do not use bleach as it will damage your clothes’ texture and quality, especially those made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, etc. Once wet, lift it out and squeeze the soapsuds out.

2) Immerse your delicate shirt in the bucket carefully.

Make sure that side gets wet but not soaked. Never rub or scrub your garment as this will cause damage to delicate fabrics such as silk and wool. Do not use both sides of the fabric unless you want to end up with a faded color!

3) Put a small amount of mild detergent on the other side of the shirt.

Slide it over the washed portion. This ensures that soap is evenly spread and removes stains more effectively. You can clean your washing container by running hot water over it before using it to handwash your next delicates.

4) Rinse clothes by submerging them in clean water.

Ensure that there aren’t any leftover suds, as they might leave white residue on your clothing after rinsing under running water for five minutes or so.

5) Remove the wet shirt from the washing container.

Leave it out on a flat surface to dry. You can also use a large towel or fabric made of absorbent cotton to remove excess water without rubbing or wringing them out.

6) Never hang your laundered clothes on hangers.

How To Handwash Delicate Clothings?

As they will likely stretch due to gravity. Instead, fold each side of the shirt inwards towards the center once you are done handwashing it. Then, lay your clean garments down on an appropriate surface for dryings, such as mesh laundry bags or wire racks.

7) To speed up the drying time

Place several thick towels at the bottom of an empty baby cot, then place your hand-washed garment on top of the towels. Make sure that it is spread out evenly, and add more layers of a towel if necessary – remember not to overcrowd your delicates.

8) Air drying is best, but sun-drying can also be effective.

Provided you keep the line tidy and don’t leave dirty clothes under the sun for too long. Also, make sure to use a rustproof or stainless wire rack to air-dry your delicate tops and knickers to prevent rusty stains from appearing on fabrics such as silk, wool, and cotton even after cleaning them with mild detergent powder.

You can purchase mesh laundry bags at most shopping malls or department stores – they only cost a few bucks per unit!

9) Mesh Laundry Bag

Use mesh laundry bags designed specifically for hanging wet garments such as lingerie bras and camisoles instead of hanging them on any available hangers. They are made from a special material that allows more air to circulate and dry even the dampest garments.

10) Removing Stains

To remove stains on your hand-washed silk blouses, camisoles, and bra bras, squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the stained area, then gently rub it in using your fingers. Make sure that you only use a very thin layer of toothpaste as too much might irritate your skin, causing redness, swelling, or itching.

11) Dry Cleaning

If you are not satisfied with handwashing alone, even after removing all Stains from shirts, blouses, beaded dresses, etc., take them to the dry cleaners instead of simply throwing them into your washing machine.

Cleaning garments using industrial strength equipment allows for more effective stain removal than any other method – make sure that they are suited for delicate fabrics, or else they will cause severe damage!

12) Handwash delicate clothes

How To Handwash Delicate Clothings?

If possible, handwash delicates such as camisoles, silk blouses, and lace panties instead of machine washing them as they might cause excessive shrinking or damage such as pilling.

This is because they can easily get caught up in a washing machine’s door or agitator, thus causing warp or tear, making your clothes unwearable, especially knickers and socks.

If possible, handwash shirts and blouses separately from silk or nylon dresses as the former might cause damage to the latter – instead, wash them together in a combined load using cold water with the mild detergent powder.

In addition, never place silk clothes on top of each other when washing them as this might result in an unsightly “pilling” effect after drying even though they are made from natural fibers!

13) Removing Blood Stains

How To Handwash Delicate Clothings?

To remove blood stains from cotton or linen fabrics such as bedsheets and pillowcases, pour some hydrogen peroxide directly on the stained area before soaking your clothes in warm water with mild detergent powder for at least 10 minutes.

14) Never mix chlorine bleach with fabric softener.

This results in the formation of deadly poisonous gases that are harmful to your health and destroys bacterial strains that would otherwise be killed off after washing delicate clothes using cold water or mild detergent powder!

How To Handwash Delicate Clothings? – Conclusion

After following the steps mentioned above, you will now know how to handwash delicate clothing without damaging them. Also, your delicate clothing will look as good as new ones! In addition, the tips and techniques used in washing delicate clothes by hand are a lot safer than using a washing machine.

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