4 Worst Mistakes People Make In Laundry

Relatively speaking, laundry is a pretty easy chore, but most people hate doing it. While most are well-informed about the process of doing laundry, there are simple mistakes that even some of the most experienced people make. These mistakes individually may seem less harmful, but when done in conjunction they can damage both garments and machine. Below are the four worst mistakes people make in laundry that will make your task a little easier in the future.

1. Not using detergent intelligently
Choosing and using detergent intelligently is highly important for getting truly clean clothes. Many people don’t give enough emphasis on this fact. Several times people end-up using top loader washing powder in a front loader machine or vice versa. However, each detergent is made for its purpose and using wrong detergent can damage both clothes and washing machine.

It is also seen that many times people use extra soap while washing, with an expectation that they will get cleaner clothes. This works counter-intuitively as extra detergent can in no-way guarantee cleaner clothes, but it makes the clothes grimier as the residue of soap attracts more dirt and fades color of the garments. In addition, if the extra soap is not washed away, it can cause bacteria build-up in the washing machine and also on clothes.

It is common that people use bleach during wash to get cleaner clothes. However, they end-up using bleach at the wrong time, which can cause damage to clothes. Because early addition of beach can counteract the cleaning enzymes of detergent, and late addition can lead to improper dilution of bleach and thereby burning holes in the clothes. Ideally, you should add bleach five to seven minutes after the wash cycle begins, or as mentioned in the instructions on the bleach container.

2. Not using machine most effectively

One of the most dangerous mistake people make while using washing machine is overloading it with clothes. In order to save money, effort, and time people put more clothes in one load. This is so inefficient, that you can call it anti-efficient. It not only puts extra pressure on the working of washing machine, but it also hinders the process of rubbing of clothes which is vital for their proper cleaning. Therefore, end result is an overworked machine delivering poorly cleaned clothes.

Another mistake that reduces the efficiency of a washing machine is not filling the washer with water first. By adding water in the last people doesn’t allow the detergent to properly dissolve in the water, which is vital for efficient cleaning of clothes. Allowing the water to fill before adding detergent is important to ensure that the clothing will get rinsed properly. Similarly, after the wash it is important that the clothes shouldn’t be left in the washing machine for a long time. Forgetting to dry the laundry in right time could mean bad-smelling clothes.

Also, many times people forget that one cycle doesn’t fit all. Most people keep using the same “Delicate” or “Regular” cycle all the time. However, it is important to explore all the options provided by the machine manufacturer. In addition, setting the right temperature is equally important. Remember that washing certain fabrics in the wrong temperature can cause shrinkage, so make sure to read the clothing labels.

3. Not checking your clothes properly
Several times it is seen that before washing people don’t check the pockets of their clothes. However, this is a vital process of washing clothes that ensures that nothing important or damaging is left inside the pockets of washable garments. Any kind of paper in the pockets is bound to get mangled and destroyed, which means losing it forever. If there is any hard, pointy or color spilling object inside the pockets, then it could damage other clothes during the wash. Therefore, it is imperative to check and empty all the pockets of the clothes that you are going to wash in the washing machine.

It is commonly seen people leave the zippers undone. This can be dangerous because zippers can snag on delicate clothes and catch in the drum of the machine. Therefore, it is advised to zip garment all the way up before you put them to wash in a washing machine. Similarly, it is necessary to undone the buttons of your shirt before you put them for wash. The pull on the button and button hole during the wash cycle could loosen them. Therefore, it is important to undone the buttons all the way down before you wash.

4. Not following the care instructions

Treating all their garments equally is one of the most common and worst mistake people make in laundry. This makes sure that they end-up with ruined garments on the other side of a wash. It’s important to read the care instructions on your clothing before you launder them and not all garments should be treated equally. Improper following of washing instructions of a garment can result in permanent damage like shrunken clothes or garments whose colors is completely spoiled.

Spoiling of colors is commonly seen in garments that of white color. This usually happens when people wash white colored clothes and dark colored clothes together. Even if one of the dark colored garment reacts differently to the detergent, it can lead to the spoiling of all white or light colored clothes. This is because some detergent are bound to loosen the colouring of the clothing. Therefore, you should always wash light colored clothes and dark colored clothes separately to make sure that you don’t end-up with accidental colouring of clothes.

Always remember to read special instructions of cotton garments, wash denims in cold water after turning them inside out, and never put anything wool in the washer or dryer. In addition, you should avoid washing anything with structured pieces or embellishments. It is wise to not wash suede and leather in a washing machine. Other fabrics made from natural fibers, such as most silks and linen, can be gently hand-washed and dried in open-air.


Most people know about the mistakes they usually make in laundry such as using too much detergent, overdoing the bleach, or overloading the washer. However, there are some more serious mistakes that they never realize even after making them. The four mistakes mentioned above are not the worst mistakes because they are made by most people on a regular basis, but because they are usually made in conjunction with each other resulting in getting improperly washed clothes.

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