6 Myths On Leather Jacket Dry Cleaning

Just about everyone interested in fashion owns a leather jacket. This versatile piece of clothing can be teamed up with just about anything to give a very cool and fashionable look. Owing to this, people tend to take a lot of care maintaining their leather jackets. This includes cleaning them and saving them in clean and dry place so that the leather doesn’t get mil-dewed. For all expensive clothes, dry cleaning has always been the best option for cleaning the clothing. However, people are often sceptical about giving their leather jackets to the dry cleaners because of the various stories and advice they get from their friends and families. Listed below are six popular myths about leather jacket dry cleaning.

Don’t Dry Clean Your Leather Jacket
People often live under the misconception that dry cleaning leather jackets is a complete no-no. In fact, if you go through various forums on the internet discussing leather jacket care tips, many users often recommend staying away from dry cleaners. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, you need to find a dry cleaner that specializes is cleaning leather jackets, but it is 100 percent safe to adopt this method of cleaning for your most prices piece of clothing.

Don’t Clean Your Leather Jacket Too Often
Fearing that the leather may get spilt, people often refrain from cleaning their jacket too often. While it is true that they don’t get dirty frequently, it is important that you keep your jacket water and dust free so that it doesn’t get damaged. It is not required that you regularly dry clean your jacket, but just wiping it with a cloth will do the job. There are more chances of your leather jacket getting soiled because of the water and dust you let sit on it than having a dry cleaner remove the dirt from it.

Only expensive Dry Cleaners Can Clean Your Jacket
Many people often feel that only expensive dry cleaners do a decent job of cleaning their leather jackets. This too is not true. All you need is a reliable dry cleaner who has the right equipments and ingredients to remove the dirt from your jacket without using harsh chemicals that will ruin the piece of clothing. Sometimes even the biggest dry cleaning brands can goof up. There’s no guarantee on who will look after your jacket better. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have to pay a bomb to get your jacket dry cleaned. Even a small but reliable brand can do the job.

Dry Cleaning A Leather Jacket Reduces Its Durability
Too much washing and cleaning of any clothing item can decrease its durability and hence dry cleaning alone cannot be blamed for reducing the durability of your leather jacket. Even if you clean your jacket at home using inappropriate methods, the jacket is bound to last for a shorter duration. The key here is to use suitable cleaning methods and mentioned on the jacket’s care label. This includes not washing it in hot water or using an iron over it.

Dry Cleaners Use Too Many Harsh Chemicals That Ruin Your Jacket
While this may be true for some dry cleaners, most of them take utmost care of your clothes, including your leather jacket. Sometimes, it may be necessary to use a harsher chemical to remove stains on your jacket, but otherwise, cleaners opt for the safely way to clean your clothes, ensuring they are not damaged during the cleaning process.

Leave The Jacket In The Plastic That Dry Cleaners Put It In
Whenever expensive clothes like a suit, leather jacket or fancy dress comes from the dry cleaner, it’s nicely wrapper in a plastic covering. Most people leave the clothing item that way till they wear it next, assuming it will stay cleaner. But this is very wrong. If your leather jacket stays in the plastic wrap for too long, it will become either moist or too hot, attracting insects. These insects may leave behind strains that are sometimes difficult to remove. Therefore, it is best to remove the jacket from the plastic before handing it in your closet. If you fear your jacket may get dirty, invest in a cloth covering for your jacket. This will not only keep your jacket clean but also prevent it from getting moist or wrinkled.

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