6 Reasons To Opt For Curtain Steam Cleaning Service (Updated)

Every home, office or business premise in Singapore needs to appear clean and smart for comfortable habitation. This is only possible if its fabrics such as curtains are well maintained. Curtains filter the air entering your inside space catching airborne odor, dust and germs.

Curtains therefore need to be regularly cleaned for you and me to live in a healthy and clean environment. This is very much possible if we opt for the right cleaning technique from a professional cleaning service provider such as laundryservices.com. You may be wondering whether curtain steaming is the right cleaning technique for your curtains.

Discussed below are 6 reasons as to why you should opt for curtain steam cleaning service.

1. High Quality Cleaning and Germs Removal Service

When you clean your curtain using steam cleaning machines, the curtains are left sparkling clean and sanitized. Curtain steaming at laundryservices.com.sg removes dirt and stains and also kills bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites among other disease causing germs found on curtains. Dust mites are tiny insects which are common in Singapore due to its humid climate. Feces of these dust mites can trigger allergic reactions causing asthma attacks.

2. Environmental- Friendly

Curtain steaming is a natural process hence poses no health hazards to your family, pets or employees. In other words, no chemical substances are used in cleaning the curtains. It is therefore the most eco-friendly and safe way to clean your curtains.

3. Effective Stain and Odor Removal

Steam cleaners are designed to effortlessly and effectively remove stubborn stains and odors leaving your curtains smelling clean and fresh. The curtains are left looking as good as new since all stains, grime, dirt and bad odors are removed.

4. Economical
Curtain steaming is very economical in several ways. First of all, it is economical since it saves you money. As already mentioned, this cleaning technique does not involve use of expensive chemicals. You do not need to buy other cleaning equipment such as buckets or mops.

The process is so effective meaning that your curtains will retain their original color and feel hence you will not need to spend on a replacement for a very long time. This cleaning technique also saves on Water since dirt particles are removed via simultaneous hot and dry injection and steam extraction. Steam cleaning your curtains saves you valuable time.

Singaporeans are very busy people with tight schedules. Cleaning your curtains with water and waiting for them to dry is very time-consuming especially if you are not a professional. Steam cleaning is fast since the process does not involve use of water which necessitates long drying.

5. Gentle on the Curtains Fabric

Singapore experiences high levels of humidity meaning that curtain fabrics absorb a lot of dust and dampness. This may damage the cloth if good cleaning is not done. Luckily most Singaporeans have known the secret of regular curtain steaming.

The steam mechanism gently works on the threads of the fabric removing all trapped dust leaving the cloth undamaged and spotlessly clean. Other cleaning techniques using chemical substances and harsh procedures maybe rough on the threads causing a lot of damage.

6. Curtains Do Not Need Removal

Curtains are held in place by tiny delicate components which may get lost when you try to remove curtains as you prepare to clean them. You do not have to worry about the loss or damage of these parts when you consider steam cleaning.

Curtain steaming machines can clean and sanitize your fabrics in your home or office without having to bring them down from their current position. The steam cleaning technique works through the cloth effectively even when it’s hanging on their usual position. You do not have to undergo the trouble of removing and transporting curtains to dry cleaning service providers and later re- installing them.

Curtain steaming is gaining popularity in Singapore as well as in other parts of the world since it enhances fabric’s life. Curtains are valuable interior design elements and Singaporeans are increasingly investing in expensive and stylish pieces. This explains why it is important to seek the services of professional curtain steaming service; laundryservices.com.sg/ to avoid any form of damage. The experts make them last longer, germ-free and look fancy.

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