6 Ways To Clean Your Sofa Before The CNY

The sofa is the most commonly used piece of furniture at home, so with time it will get dirty no matter how you cautiously you take care of it. This is so especially if you have kids, pets or holds parties once in a while. The good news is that sofas are quite easy to clean. You don’t need to hire professionals to do the job; leave your sofa sparkling clean before the Chinese New Year following the tips listed below

1. Pre-cleaning your sofa

Sofas come in different materials that each need a different cleaning method and detergent. However there are basic pre-cleaning tips you can follow on all sofas before you get into deep cleaning

· Vacuuming to remove debris- Use a vacuum cleaner, hose attachment or dust buster to clean debris from your sofa, make sure to remove the cushions

· Use a soft brush to remove any heavy dust or dirt

· Get rid of fur and lint- Your vacuum cleaner may not be able to suck in pet fur or lint, use a lint roller for this

· Clean the exposed wood and other exposed materials on your sofa

· Remove the cushions so you can vacuum the sofa base

2. Determine the sofa material

As mentioned above, sofas come in different materials. You therefore need to determine the kind of material before deep cleaning your sofa. Basically there are leather, microfiber and fabric sofas. Every sofa comes with a tag that will let you know the kind of material your sofa is made out of.

The tags normally have instructions on the best product to use. W means you should clean your sofa with a water based detergent with a steam cleaner, WS means you can clean your sofa with a water based detergent or dry cleaning detergent, S indicates that you should only use a dry cleaning detergent, O (for organic) means you should use cold water, X means to either bristle brush and vacuum or to use professional sofa cleaning service.

3. Cleaning your sofa based on the material

· Leather

To clean a leather sofa, you will need leather conditioners and cleaners. Thoroughly vacuum your leather sofa to remove debris before applying the cleaner. To avoid damaging the sofa, only clean the dirty areas.

Start by applying the cleaner, saddle soap being the ideal cleaner for leather sofas. Follow the instructions on the cleaner, using a clean cloth to apply the cleaner. After thoroughly cleaning the dirty areas, use a dry cloth to remove the excess moisture, excess moisture is bad for leather

You can invest in a wax based leather conditioner; however these conditioners are a bit expensive. You can make your own leather conditioner using olive oil. Dab olive oil in a clean cloth and apply it on the sofa using circular motions before buffing with a dry clean cloth

· Microfiber sofas- Microfiber sofas are made with tightly woven fibers that keep most allergens, debris and dust from the cushions. To clean a microfiber sofa, start by vacuuming the corners and surface with a vacuum cleaner and brush attachment. Use a sticky lint roller to remove pet fur and lint if you have pets. If there are any stains on the sofa, read the care label on your sofa to know the kind of solution you will need to remove the stain. You may also use a homemade cleaning solution such as and vinegar. Spray the vinegar on the stain or the area that need cleaning. Scrub thoroughly with a rough sponge. Allow to dry before patting the cleaned area dry with a soft brush in circular motions. Use a white or neutral colored brush and sponge to avoid discoloring your sofa

· Fabric sofa- Fabric sofas are the easiest to clean. You can use with warm clean water and few spurts of gentle dishwashing liquid.

If your sofa has a Dry Clean Only label, hire a professional to do the cleaning for you.

4. Put back the cushions and pillows

Once you are done with cleaning put back the cushions and pillows. Your sofa is now clean and ready to be sat on.

Whenever possible discourage your family from drinking or eating at the sofa in order to avoid spills and to keep your sofa in great condition. For odors and smells, sprinkle baking soda and leave it on the sofa overnight. Vacuum clean your sofa in the morning, the odor will have subsided.

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