8 Common Misconceptions On Sofa Cleaning

Most often than not people carry out their critical household cleaning tasks in a way they may be used to, but which might not necessary be the right way. This in most scenarios usually leads to a lot of time wasting and can even be a major drain on finances in the long haul in repairing the damage that has been done.

For instance, taking a case study of sofa cleaning that most homeowners at one point or the other have to undertake, many people sadly just don’t know how to go about this process. The sofa or coach if you like is an integral component of all living rooms, and out of sheer necessity has to be kept clean always. Yet quite a huge number of individuals utilize completely wrong ways of cleaning this piece of furniture. To which end, this article is designed to review some of the most prevalent misconceptions that surround sofa cleaning and the right ways of doing it.

Well, with that understand let us now take a look at some of the most common coaches currently in market.

1. Microfiber sofas
A lot of individuals have the unseemly notion that the fibers in this type of sofa are entirely dust and stain resistant.

· Given most of these furniture come with tightly woven fibers that can significantly eliminate the accumulation of dust and allergens. But with protracted utilization this resistance can begin to wane, requiring thorough cleaning to keep the sofa in good condition and appearance.

· To properly clean a microfiber coach you will first need to vacuum it preferable using a suitable brush attachment to get rid of all the accumulated dust and other particles.

· When it comes to spillage the fabric of this kind of sofa are noted for preventing staining, but this doesn’t make them stain proof per see. In the event of extensive spillage on your microfiber coach you will need to consult its care label and determine if it is ok to utilize a water based stain remover. On the other hand, if the label recommends that a solvent appropriate you may as well give it a try.

· One important thing to be cautious about carrying out such sofa cleaning is to try out the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the coach before working on the visible areas. This will prevent any damage that may arise to affect the sofa.

2. Microsuede sofas 
A common misconception concerning microsuede sofas is that they can be cleaned just like any other couch. There are diverse ways to clean these furniture.

· Some of them can work well with strong albeit mild water based cleaning agents, while others necessitate the application of special solvent cleaners.

· In the first instance you can make a solution of a mild soap, sufficient water as well as a few drops of vinegar to get rid of any unseemly odors.

· You should however first careful consult your coach’s care label as some microsuede sofas can be damaged when water is used to clean them.

· If this is the case for you, you should use only an excellent upholstery that you can spray directly to the fabric as you target the stained spots.

3. Leather sofas 
Unlike what some people may like to believe leather sofas cannot be cleaned using a regular cleaning agent such as water based or solvent solutions. The application of these cleaners have been known to severely damage theses coaches and significantly ruin their elegant appearance. 

· With regard to this, you should only settle for suitable leather cleaners and conditioners when attempt to clean a leather coach.

· As for the actual cleaning procedure to adopt, you should first make sure that you vacuum the sofa thoroughly , before you start using the cleaner.

· You should only target the spots that are stained, and after doing this you should wipe the surface clean using a dry cloth. This ensures that no moisture is retained on the surface.

4. Fabric sofas
Some individuals believe that fabric coaches require special cleaning attention, but this is just a fad.

· In essence these pieces of furniture can be cleaned in basically the same way you would a microfiber sofa.

· You can utilize way water along with some drops of a mild dish washing solution, which can make sure that your coach is always in good condition.


5. Feather stuffed sofas 
Like most other common coaches, feather stuffed or if you like, down filled sofas, can over time accumulate dust and dirt. But unlike what some people think, these particles don’t cling to the upholstery, but rather on the detachable components such as the cushions and the pillows.

· When carrying out sofa cleaning on this kind of furniture always go through its care labels particularly those of the cushions and their make.

· If they are made of down material that integrates a foam centre you can hand wash them, but you should afterwards make sure that the foam is dried up completely.

· Should the care label recommend dry cleaning, you should dispatch them to a professional dry cleaner.

6. Removing odors from sofas
Another critical part of comprehensive sofa cleaning is the elimination of odors that may cling to these pieces of furniture after prolonged usage.

· This doesn’t necessary mean that you should wash your coach, rather you ought use and bio enzymic cleaner.

· Such cleaning agents can easily kill all pathogens that may have infested your coach and do away with the odor that emanates from them.

7. Airing of sofas
If you have just bought a sofa that was kept in storage for a long period of time, you don’t have to wash it to remove the smell it may have. 

· An excellent way of getting rid of this particular odor is by airing you coach out in open.

· This will easily get rid of the smell, without requiring vigorous cleaning.

8. Pillow and cushion drying
Improper drying of these two items can be dangerous to your health and that of your family, unlike what some people may like to believe.
· If the prevailing weather conditions may not allow you dry them outside, you can accelerate the drying process by placing such item in your dryer.

· But always make sure that the appliance is in its no heat setting. Doing this can prevent mold and mildew from growing on these sofa items.

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