9 Biggest Lies On Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are essential amenities in a home. Therefore, you would obviously need to fit some curtains if you want to make sure your house is properly maintained. Even so, there are lots of things you can do as a way of ensuring your curtains are properly maintained. One effective way of doing so entails carrying out the right cleaning procedures. Majority of residents of Singapore are quite familiar with the procedures. Despite this, a considerable number of people still shop around for professional home cleaning service providers to do curtain cleaning on their behalf. Therefore, it would be right to differentiate the truths between the lies that are often associated with curtain cleaning within Singapore. To find out more, continue reading the most common lies below.

1. The process is very costly and does not make economic sense
Quite a good number of people have been led to believe that the process of curtain cleaning is very costly. For this reason, some people may prefer not to clean their curtains on a regular basis. However, you will be happy to learn that this is a pure lie. There are service providers in the industry that are willing to help get your curtains cleaned effectively at a great fee. Such companies offer highly competitive rates and packages to customers seeking the services. As a result, you will have your curtains cleaned properly and effectively at an affordable rate. Contrary to what most people believe, curtain cleaning is actually very affordable.

2. The process of cleaning curtains is very complex

Some people are made to believe that the process of cleaning curtains is highly complex. So, they are mostly led to believe that they would have to complete the relevant procedures on their own without enlisting professional help from competent service providers. If you shop around, you will gladly realize that there are plenty of house cleaning firms currently operating in Singapore. Therefore, if you choose to get help from these firms, your curtains will be cleaned quite easily. Consequently, you will find it unnecessary curtain cleaning procedures. Furthermore, allowing professionals in the industry to handle the task is recommended if you would like the task accomplished effectively.

3. All service providers are similar in terms of service delivery

This is not true in every way especially when dealing when dealing with laundry services providers in Singapore. Some people often assume that companies in this niche are similar in nature. As a result, some people may choose not to take the necessary precautionary measures while choosing the right provider who can get the job done properly. Not all companies deliver desirable and quality cleaning services for their clients. As a result, you are advised to take some time and shop around for an ideal laundry company. To find the best cleaning companies in the market, you can read reviews provided by customers previously served in the past. These reviews are readily available online and they will make it easier for you to pick the most suitable service provider based on service delivery.

4. All types of cleaning products will work wonders on your curtains

Although it may be surprising to people who are familiar with the process of curtain cleaning, most people have no idea about the most appropriate cleaning products they can use to make sure their curtains are spick and span. In fact, majority of homeowners feel they can use almost any of the cleaning products currently available in the market for purposes of cleaning their curtains. This is not true. In fact, using any cleaning product may damage your curtains and the results will be disastrous. Some products are also harmful and as such may not be used for purposes of cleaning curtains. Therefore, enlisting the services of professionals is recommended if you would like to avoid the trouble of finding out the right cleaning products. By getting help from professionals, you can rest assured that the right products will be used during cleaning thereby eliminating the risk of damage to your curtains.

5. I’ll get a good home cleaning machine for cleaning my curtains
The machines currently sold in the stores are not as efficient as the professional versions commonly used in the cleaning industry. The fact that they are cheap means their cleaning abilities cannot match the pro versions used by cleaning companies. As a matter of fact, most machines locally available in the stores meant for home use when cleaning curtains do not deliver desirable results while others will only ruin your curtains completely and make them unusable. When it comes to home curtain cleaning machines, you will realize that most of them cannot get the job done right. Furthermore, you would have to master the right skills and knowledge of using one if you want to get your curtains cleaned properly.

6. Regular soap varieties can clean curtains

There are some homeowners who use regular soaps for curtain cleaning. If you have resorted to cleaning your curtains using regular cleaning soap frequently, then professionals in the industry advise you against doing so. This significantly affects the quality of your curtains. Also, it makes them less durable due to the harshness of some popularly used soaps.

7. My curtain requires no cleaning because it has only been a year since I bought it

This is a common assumption made by many people. Never let your curtains look dirty before you can actually look for professional cleaning services. Take them for regular cleaning.

8. My curtains will shrink
Curtains will only shrink if left in water for long periods. However, professionals use the right techniques and procedures that prevent this from happening.

9. Curtains do not require regular cleaning

Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that they need to have their curtains cleaned on a regular basis. Some people simply choose not to do curtain cleaning frequently while providing cost as a reason for not doing so. This is something that should be avoided if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your curtains. Having your curtains cleaned regularly is a guarantee that their quality will be maintained as well thus making them even more durable.

Chances are you have heard about some of the lies about curtain cleaning mentioned above. Some people believe everything without necessarily searching for the truth. Remember, it is better to seek professional help if you want your curtains professional and effectively cleaned.

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