Can Dry Cleaning Remove Curtain Stains?

Curtains are not easy to clean. They are heavy and unmanageable. Washing them becomes a huge task and is usually postponed to avoid excessive labor. What if the curtain that drapes your living area is stained due to a child’s mischief or a show of carelessness by an adult? It is quite mandatory, then to get it cleaned up as soon as possible. Washing them all, by yourself is not easy. Even if this colossal activity is to be taken up, it involves a lot of frustratingly small issues.

This may included:
– Taking the drapes out of the curtain rods.
– Checking its weight such that it corresponds to the amount of weight that can be handled by the machine.
– Putting the heavy curtain in the machine and allowing it to be washed.
– Straightening the curtain after wash to restore its original shape.
– Letting it dry, which takes a lot of time.
Even after performing all the activities mentioned above, one cannot be sure that the stain has been totally removed. In most cases, a washing machine is incapable of removing the stains inflicted on the curtains. At such point of time, one may think of trying a handheld washing technique, but it takes lots of hard work to make this activity possible.
The best option to clean curtain stains is to send them for dry cleaning. A dry-cleaner knows his job the best. Dry cleaning involves cleaning a piece of cloth with the help of any type of chemical solvent except water. It is mostly used to clean, light and delicate curtains, but dry cleaning your heavy curtains once in a while does no harm.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Curtains:

– There are a lot of benefits attached to dry cleaning your curtains.
– It keeps the quality of the curtain compact.
– It enables a longer life for the curtain by restoring its original texture.
– It helps to remove tough stains which are quite difficult to get rid of otherwise.
– It prevents unwanted wrinkles and shrinkage to attack upon the curtain.
– It smoothens the plates of the curtain while maintain its beauty and shape.
– The chemical solvent is highly powerful and helps to remove unwanted odor and sticky dirt.

Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning Curtains:

– Dry cleaning may involve a few side effects and one cannot afford to let their curtains get damaged at the hands of an inexperienced dry-cleaner. Few drawbacks of dry cleaning the curtains are given below.
– Chemical agents used for dry cleaning may harm delicate material or fabric of the curtain.
– Many people are allergic to such chemicals as used in dry cleaning. This may lead to adverse effects if not resorted to a doctor on time.
– Repetitive dry cleaning may work in the opposite direction and cause early wearing out of the curtain.
– At some places in Singapore, dry cleaning can prove to be quite expensive, especially with additional transportation charges involved with the same.

Is dry cleaning a good option?
So now the question arises that can dry cleaning help to remove curtain stains? The answer is a big Yes! Dry cleaning, indeed, helps to remove curtain stains with absolute perfection. With just a few limitations attached to it, dry cleaning has a lot more benefits than limitations. Following is a brief about the goodness involved in opting dry cleaning service for your curtains.

Removal of stains:

Dry cleaning helps to get rid of unwanted stains that linger on even after you have washed them yourself with hands. Some stains can be quite deep and may not be removed with an easy washing machine wash. This requires a thorough cleaning with the help of chemical agents used in dry cleaning.

Easy transportation:

Dry cleaning companies provide pick-up and drop facilities to its customers. This may or may not involve extra costs to be incurred by the customers. This is quite useful for the ones who cannot take out enough time from their busy schedule so as to drop their laundry at the dry cleaning area.

Less effort:

Dry cleaning companies are easily available in every part of Singapore. You can avail their service and save yourself from the extra labor of washing the drapes at home. This is, both, comforting and time saving.


It is a wrong notion that dry cleaning is quite expensive in Singapore. The cost of dry cleaning actually depends on the type of fabric of the curtain and the intensity of stain that has been inflicted on it. In most cases, the cost of pick-up and drop facilities is born by the dry cleaning company itself.

Emergency services:

Few dry cleaning companies also provide their customers with emergency services wherein they can call the company to take their laundry for dry cleaning at any time of the day or night. It may involve extra charges, but is quite useful at the time of an upcoming event which requires urgent cleaning.

Complete cleaning:

Dry cleaning is better than cleaning a curtain yourself at home because a dry cleaning company assures you of completely hygienic and clean dry wash. This removes the dirt and bad odor that lingers on to the curtain with time.

Dry Cleaning at Home:

Dry cleaning can also be done at home while the curtains are still on the curtain- rod. Although, this is a tedious task, yet if one can afford to put in time and effort in this activity, it provides immense satisfaction.

In order to dry clean curtains at home the following process can be undertaken:

-Close the curtains fully.
-Vacuum them thoroughly.
-With the help of warm water and washing agent, create bubbles to dry clean the curtains from top to bottom.
-To clean the extra spotty stains, vacuum once again and spray to get nice fragrance.
-After scrutinizing the pros and cons of dry cleaning at home and through companies, we can conclude that dry-cleaning curtains at home is quite a tedious task. There are a number of companies in Singapore which help you with this job quite efficiently and at affordable rates. Dry cleaning indeed helps to remove curtain stains and gives you a fresh and hygienic room altogether.

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