Disinfectant Laundry Services

A Mean Germ-Killing Washing Machine

Looking for disinfectant laundry services? Believe it or not, germs are everywhere. Not only are they on most surfaces but they live on your body. An innocent cough, sneeze, or handshake is enough to spread germs around.

Unfortunately, simply washing clothes is not enough to get rid of germs that cause flu, skin infections, and viral diseases. The good news is there is a way to eliminate germs just as easily as how you acquired them.

When Did We Start Disinfecting?

Laundry task to do
Laundry task to do

Ancient Egyptians, circa 3000 BC, used the corrosive action of strong acids for flushing human and abdominal cavities before embalming. The earliest known reference to disinfection was in 800 BC by Homer. In his book The Odyssey, he mentioned cleansing a room with the use of sulfur. In the Middle Ages, the purifying effect of sulfur was recommended to decontaminate premises and objects during the human plague epidemic.

Why Disinfect?

There are more or less 600,000 bacteria in every square inch of your skin. No matter how often you wash your hands or take a bath, you won’t be able to eliminate them completely. Most of them are harmless, but some disease-causing pathogens can be dangerous or even fatal.

Compounds utilized by disinfectant laundry services exterminate bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and viruses living on objects. They use active ingredients that keep our stuff clean and remove microbes that may pose a threat to our health.

Types Of Disinfectants

Applying the right type of cleaning agent regularly is essential in preventing common sicknesses. Here’s a list of the most favored types used by disinfectant laundry services.

Laundry Disinfectants
Laundry Disinfectants
  1. Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats)

Generally used in hospitals and large institutions, this low cost yet quick-action cleanser protects against a wide range of microorganisms. It blends well with numerous detergents that provide both cleaning and disinfecting powers.

  1. Chlorine Compounds

They get rid of several organisms, even highly-resistant viruses, and are the top pick for wiping out stains from bodily fluids. Chlorine is ideal for use in healthcare and food preparation settings. It is inexpensive but may cause corrosion and discoloration if not properly used.

  1. Aldehydes

More usable when combined with an alkaline solution, it is very effective against the germ that causes tuberculosis. Though it is perceived to cause asthma and various health problems, it provides disinfecting protection versus the most harmful germs.

  1. Phenolic Compounds

These are highly-effective over pathogens such as fungi, several viruses, and the bacteria that can cause tuberculosis. However, they can be toxic and corrosive as they damage surfaces while attacking the organisms on them.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

More effective when mixed with other chemicals, their effect, though limited, is fatal to most bacteria. High concentrations may be dangerous to humans if it comes in contact, making it a very troubling agent against pathogens.

How To Disinfect?

Spinning and tumbling your clothes
Spinning and tumbling your clothes

Spinning and tumbling your clothes in a machine is not enough to get rid of bacteria. Hot water is believed to be more effective in getting rid of germs. You would want to use the warmest water allowed on the label. Pour laundry bleach for whites, a bleach alternative for colored ones, then place clothes in the dryer for about 45 minutes.

Remember that not all clothes are created equal. Those with delicate and specialty fabrics may require spot cleaning with water and alcohol. Wool and silk demand to be hand-washed and line dried in the sun to disinfect from germs and viruses.

Everyday Disinfectants

You don’t need an extra trip to the grocery to have a superior laundry detergent on hand. Here are some household items that can moonlight as a disinfectant:


Not only is it the best to pickle vegetables, but it is also the best against those pesky germs.


It heals your cuts and is an excellent disinfectant.


It’s not just an effective insecticide anymore.

Pine Oil

Use for clear skin and germ-free clothing.

Benefits Of Disinfecting Laundry

Disinfectants in laundry detergents help these products perform optimally in both cold and hot water. Here’s a list of why disinfecting laundry services are beneficial to you, your clothes, and the environment.

  • Antibacterial cleaners not only remove dirt. They also eliminate germs and viruses that may stem illnesses like flu and diarrhea.
  • They provide a germ-free environment.
  • Cleaning solvents thrive in water which means that they can get rid of grease and oil effortlessly.
  • They supply protection for your clothing to lessen the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria.

We have learned how essential it is to always be clean and hygienic. Disinfecting your laundry keeps your clothes clean, keeps harmful bacteria in check, and keeps you healthy. It would be best, especially these days, to find a place that offers reliable disinfectant laundry services.

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