Do I Really Need To Use Baby Detergent For My Kid’s Laundry?

Little children are rather delicate. Parents often have to give newborns special treatment from the rest of the family in many aspects. One very delicate aspect of infants is their skin. Even the most ordinary of things is enough to irritate their adorable skins and cause them untold misery. It is for this reason that most parents wonder whether or not to use special baby detergent when doing their baby’s laundry. Many are afraid that regular detergents may be too harsh for their little ones. It is easy to understand their concern given the multitude of chemicals used to make commercial laundry detergents nowadays. This article seeks to explore what a good detergent for doing kids laundry is, and help you determine whether or not you need to purchase special detergent for your baby.

What is baby detergent?
Simply put, it is a detergent that is specially made for cleaning baby clothes. These detergents are characterized by the use of mild chemicals in their formula and much milder scents. They are gentle yet strong enough to remove all the tough stains on your baby’s clothes. However, many people are skeptical about using specific baby detergent to do their baby laundry because these detergents are rather expensive. Many are also convinced that there is really not that huge a difference between baby detergent and regular detergent. Whichever school of thought you belong to, here are the basics of baby laundry that you should consider before settling on either specific baby detergent or a regular one.

1. It must be mild

One cannot overemphasize how important it is for you to do kids laundry using a mild detergent. Harsh chemicals are especially dangerous to your child’s fragile skin. Before you add the detergent to your wash water, ensure that it does not contain any harsh brighteners or bleaches. The cleaning formula of the detergent in question is also something worth consideration.

Chemical composition

Many detergents that are specifically made to clean baby clothes usually use enzymes to clean out the dirt from the clothes. This is because enzymes are considered to be much gentler on a baby’s skin than other chemicals. Even for those baby detergents that use chemicals, the chemicals used are much milder than those used on regular detergents.

No chemical residue
Baby detergents are also made in such a way that no residue remains in the clothes after rinsing. Chemical residues that are left on fabric after cleaning are a constant cause of skin irritation. If only so that no residue is left on your baby’s clothes, you really should consider using these gentle detergents.

2. No Scents

It is difficult to find a regular detergent that is not heavily scented. While this is usually not a cause for concern for many adults, heavy scents could actually do your little one more harm than you imagine. This is especially true if your little one has been diagnosed with a respiratory condition such as eczema. All in all, heavily perfumed detergent can cause your child discomfort that you may never know about. This is why most baby detergents usually have a mild scent. Some even don’t have any. If you opt to use regular detergents, then go easy on the perfumes. Your baby will thank you for it.

3. Eco- friendly

While the use of eco- friendly detergent may seem to be purely a question of one’s environmental concern, the use of these detergents is actually beneficial to your child. This is because most eco- friendly products tend to be all natural products. That alone means that they contain mild ingredients obtained from nature. The mildness of these plant- based components is a big plus for these products especially when thinking about kids laundry.

Tips on using regular detergents

If you reach the conclusion that it is more practical for you to do your baby’s laundry using regular detergents, you will still need to exercise some caution. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you baby’s skin stays protected:

1. Use Liquid detergent
Liquid detergent is easier to use on baby laundry than powder detergent. This is because rinsing off all the detergent is much easier with a liquid detergent than it is with a powder detergent. Keep in mind the fact that chemical residues are a leading cause of skin irritation, and can actually do your child more harm than good.

2. Test for reactions first

For the first few days, it is wise to use specific baby detergent on your child’s clothes. When you decide that their skin has toughened up enough for regular detergent, first test the truth of the statement. Wash one or two clothing items in regular detergent then let them wear it. If you notice any rashes or red patches, then you will have to stick with baby detergent for a while longer. If they do not seem to react in any way to the new product, then go ahead and make it the primary detergent for your baby laundry.

3. Wash the diapers with care

While you may feel tempted to regularly bleach your baby’s diapers in order to keep them brilliantly white, that is actually a bad idea. Diapers need to be washed with the mildest cleaning product that you can find. If you use very harsh products on the diapers, then it is almost a guarantee that your baby will develop rashes. It really isn’t worth all the trouble.


At the end of the day, you want a product that will not only clean your baby’s clothes, but also one that is good for their tender and sensitive skin. While regular detergents are much cheaper and likely to get rid of all the tough stains on your baby’s clothes, they are also more likely to irritate your baby’s skin. Baby detergents are more expensive than ordinary detergents, but they are also very mild and effective cleaners. As you go sorting through the pile of laundry that your little one seems so talented at creating, your priorities will determine whether you use baby detergent or regular detergent. You do not really need to use specific baby detergent, but using it does have its advantages.

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