Do Curtains Shrink When Dry Cleaned

Every household has curtains for their windows. Though curtain increases the aesthetic factor of your house by adding beauty to the interior design and decoration, it is also quite functional. The main purpose of the curtains is to protect your house from the harsh rays of sun and also prevent dirt and dusts to enter your home. But all the dusts and dirt get accumulated in the curtain. Not only from outside but also from the ceiling fans, air vents etc. These dusts and dirt are the allergens which can cause harm to the health of everyone in your house. Thus, cleaning it often is very important?

How Often Should You Clean?
Regular washing of curtains is quite impractical and it is also not possible. Regular washing can make the curtains dull and fade the color too. Thus, the beauty of the curtains will be lost and it will not look great anymore. Once the beauty of it is gone it will not anyway look good with your interior. Even the curtains are also too heavy and bulky to be washed every day. So for normal regular cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaner or feather dusters. With regular dusting and vacuuming, you can get rid of the dusts and dirt from it. Thus, there will be no allergens to cause any harm or allergies to affect your health.

If you are vacuuming then make sure that you are using the right attachment for cleaning the curtains. Cleaning can be done every week but when it comes to washing once in two months or three is fine. It is better to opt for cleaning only when the curtain seems to be too dirty that vacuuming and all cannot get rid of the dust. While washing it is very important to consider the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Check the curtain properly to find the label where the washing instructions are provided. It will either instruct you to choose dry cleaning or laundry washing. Choose the one which is mentioned over there.

Can Dry Cleaning Services Be Blamed For Shrink?

It is important to follow the instructions before cleaning. Even if the instruction recommends dry cleaning, it may shrink. It depends entirely on the fabrics that whether or not dry cleaning can cause it to shrink. The dry cleaning services cannot be blamed for the shrinkage as there are certain fabrics that tend to shrink. So, no matter how much effort you put for cleaning those fabrics it will shrink. Often people blame the service for this but the fact is that you have to be careful while buying the fabric of your curtains. There are some fabrics which will not be shrunk, regardless of the number of time it is washed and cleaned.

The curtains which have lining should be taken for dry cleaning. In case of dry cleaning a solvent is used to clean the curtains and not water. It is not actually dry. The solvent which is used to clean effectively removes the oily stains from the curtains. Some natural fabric may not shrink because of this solvent. But majority of them do. The dry cleaning helps to remove the stains, dirt, dusts and molds too from the curtains without damaging the fabric of the curtains. Thus, choosing the right and most experienced service is also very important.

What To Look For?
Dry cleaning is extremely popular in Singapore because people are too busy here to do household chores. Thus, you will also get a lot of options for dry cleaning in Singapore. Also, dry cleaning is quite effective in keeping dust and stain away from clothes while keeping the quality intact. It is very important to look for one of the best services to make sure your curtains are intact. When you are searching for the best and professional curtain cleaning service, you have to consider a lot of factors. Some of the factors are mentioned below.

– Special equipments:

Highly reputed and reliable services have special pressing equipment which can help the fabric to stretch back to the normal. This is extremely important to make sure that the curtains are put back to normal shape and size. After the dry cleaning is done this equipment is used. But before that there are also important steps.

– Proper examination:

The dry cleaning service has to be professional and expert enough to perform the examination after washing. With the right method to examine, they can get an idea whether or not the curtain needs further pressing to get it back into normal shape.

– Advanced cleaning method:
Some professional services in Singapore use highly advanced methods for dry cleaning the curtains. These methods help to protect the quality and fabric of your curtains. Thus, it helps to prevent from color fading as well as shrinkage. By any means if there is any shrink diagnosed with the help of the examination then they perform the special pressing method to fix it.

– Experienced and reputed:

While looking for a good service for dry cleaning your curtains, you have to make sure that the service you are choosing is highly experienced. Experienced services are undoubtedly knowledgeable and know exactly how to clean and take care of the fabric while removing all the dirt and stains.

– Affordable:

If you are looking for an affordable service then it is great but never compromise quality of service for that. Otherwise eventually you have to pay a lot more in future for the curtains.


Undoubtedly, dry cleaning is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to wash your curtains. But it is very important to follow the instructions by the manufacturer. With the help of this dry cleaning fabric of the curtains can be kept intact. If there is any chance of shrink then the method used for pressing is highly effective to get the curtain back to its normal shape. These methods are highly advanced and used only in some of the selected and experienced dry cleaning services in Singapore. So, before you choose any service make sure they use this method.

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