Does Dry Cleaning Remove Odors

Dry cleaning can be an important way to protect your clothing. There are many advantages of dry cleaning that laundry service is not able to provide. Dry cleaning is the best way to remove odors rather than mask them, because it removes the cause of the odor, whereas laundry washing can leave the cause behind, allowing the odor to return.

Dry cleaners know the best ways to launder all types of clothing, depending both on shape and texture. While there are many fabrics that are able to be laundered, there are some that are dry clean only due to issues such as delicacy. Clothes that are able to be laundered, however, may also benefit from dry cleaning from time to time. Odor removal is one reason to dry clean clothing. After laundering, if an article of clothing is not dried thoroughly or properly, the clothing may begin to mold or mildew, giving off a musky odor. Dry cleaning can help remove that odor, and return your clothes to their original state, while protecting the fabric from mold and mildew damage.

Certain fabrics do not react well with certain chemicals. If a chemical reaction occurs with your clothes that doesn’t damage them but leaves them with a horrible odor, dry cleaners will be aware of the correct cleaning procedures to remove the odor and leave your clothes smelling fresh. Another cause of odors can be pest control. Insects and other pests can leave fecal or blood matter on clothing, which can cause not only odors but also health issues. Dry cleaning can safely remove this matter, leaving your clothes clean and smelling fresh. Dry cleaning can also remove miniscule pests that aren’t visible, thus reducing chances of the odor returning.

Dry Cleaning Process Types

While the process most people think of when they hear dry cleaning is one process, there are other types of dry cleaning. The basic dry cleaning may not always get out the strongest odors, but that does not mean that the odors are there to stay. Inform the dry cleaner company that you want the odors removed as best as possible, and they will determine which process can most safely and effectively remove those stubborn odors.

One dry cleaning process is a liquid CO2 process, but it is very rare. It can remove some of the most stubborn odors. Even this is not always completely effective, and in those cases, using an ozone chamber is a final resort. No matter the odor type or strength, a professional dry cleaning service will know how to safely remove it.

Dry Cleaning Odors

Many people complain about odors that are caused by dry cleaning. This is not supposed to happen. There should be no odors left or caused by dry cleaning. The main reason this can happen is because the dry cleaning company did not let the reclaiming cycle run the appropriate amount of time. The reclaiming cycle is when the clothing articles are put through a machine that removes the solvents used to clean them. If this cycle is shortened, the solvent is left in the clothing, which can leave chemical smells. If you have this problem, you should speak to your dry cleaning company. Clothes that have been dry cleaned should have no odor to them, chemical or otherwise, if cleaned properly.

One way to avoid chemical smells is to ask for your clothing to be cleaned in an ozone room. Ozone machines use electricity to convert oxygen into ozone molecules, which react with the physical causes of bad odor, such as sweat, smoke, perfume, mold, animal droppings or any other causal factor.

The garments are then dry cleaned appropriately according to the fabric type.

Another process is CO2 cleaning. This process is rare, but is environmentally safe, safe for most fabrics, and removes some of the most stubborn odors. In this process, liquid carbon dioxide is pressurized into a vapor that attaches to the stains, and removes the causes of the odors.

If you are having problems with persistent odors in your clothing garments, it may be time to have them dry cleaned, whether by normal dry cleaning process, CO2 processing, ozone treatment, or even hand cleaning. Make sure to inform the dry cleaning service all causes of odors in your clothes that you are able to, in order to ensure proper care. Dry cleaners will know how to clean your clothes safely and effectively, so that there will no physical damage to your clothes, while still managing to remove even the most stubborn of odors.

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