How Much Does Wedding Gown Cleaning Cost in Singapore?

Chances are, you have spent a lot of money and time on your wedding gown. From the month(s)-long find for the perfect dress to the investment of purchasing it, your wedding gown isn’t something you would like to just hang up in the closet like any other dress. If you’re planning on keeping your gown –either as a keepsake or to possibly pass down to your daughter one day–you’ll want to get it properly preserved and cleaned at low cost of $50 Off on first five Washes in Singapore.

Cleaning services in Singapore comprises of a process that uses chemical solvents and very little, if any, water to clean fabrics.

There are many reasons you should prefer to use Singapore wedding gown cleaning services to clean your wedding dress as opposed to simply wash and go. First and foremost, this cleaning services comprises of a process that uses chemical solvents and very little, if any, water to clean fabrics. So if your garments are made of a fabric that stains or discolors with water, this is obviously the better choice. Furthermore, the solvents from reputable Dry cleaners work well on almost all types of fabric; they also don’t rely on wedding gown rubbing together to get cleaned, which saves wear on the fabric.

Preserve delicate decorations on your wedding gown
Any garments that have special embellishments on them, such as sequins, beading, intricate threadwork, rhinestones or mirrors, or anything that is sewn into or on the fabric, are susceptible to pulling, ripping or tearing off these delicate decorations. When thrown into the washer and dryer, these embellishments can get caught on other fabrics or be simply unable to handle the strain of the vigorous washing process and come off the fabric; this is true even when you use the ‘delicate’ cycles on these machines. Thus, you’ve ruined a gorgeous holiday sweater or fancy party dress and cost yourself far more than the price of the actual cost to clean.

Wedding gown Designer 
Fabrics like fur, wool, silk, satin and rayon are those that should always be dry cleaned. Designer and knit suits are likewise only suited for this process, as the washer can ruin the fabric or wrinkle it atrociously. Sweaters, with fine or chunky knits, should also be dry cleaned, so that the knit doesn’t pill, knot up, pull, get fuzz-balls, or simply get stretched out or shrunk in the wash.

Better to be safe than ruin a fine dress
The most important way to decide whether your wedding gown should be machine washed, hand washed or dry cleaned is to read the ‘care instructions’ on the garment’s tag. However, if you’re uncertain about a certain article of clothing, it’s always better to be safe than ruin a fine dress.

Check out a manufacturer of bridesmaid dresses
To add something special to the gown, try adding a fabulous veil or train. Alternatively, put on a piece of wonderful glittering jewelry or maybe a tiara. Whatever you add, make it something special and glamorous. If someone in your circle of friends is a good seamstress, ask her to add special effects to your inexpensive wedding gown.

Big department stores all have sample sales every so often.
If you know you are getting married six months or a year from now, you have plenty of time to shop the sales. There you can find something really special, a designer gown for much less. It helps in the sample sales if you have a really good figure as these dresses usually come only in smaller sizes.

Well-known department stores have outlets where the same or similar garments can be purchased for far less
Many large, well-known department stores also have outlets where the same or similar garments can be purchased for far less. The décor is lacking and the crowds can be gruesome, but the bargains are real. Searching out either a department store outlet or even outlet malls which have cropped up close to big cities, nearby resorts and almost everywhere in-between, could also produce a great wedding gown for far less as well as great shoes, bags, and other items needed for a wedding.

No matter where or how you find your wedding gown, the most important factor is how beautiful you feel while you are wearing it. Their wedding is a very important day in the life of any couple and both certainly want the day to be as perfect as possible. The marriage begins after the wedding, though, and for those couples on a budget [and who aren’t these days] saving on the gown means more money for the honeymoon, for the reception, or even for the down payment on a house.

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