How Much Does Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning Cost?

Most people want to know the cost of dry cleaning their wedding gown to prepare a special day in their life. It is important to get your wedding dress dry cleaned before and after your wedding ceremony as the stains of soda and cake can spoil its looks and it unusable anymore. The information provided hereunder will help you to know the standard as well as the factors influencing this cost.

The usual cost of dry cleaning wedding gown

Normally $150 to $200 is the standard cost of dry cleaning a wedding gown these days. However, some of the professional dry cleaners can charge up to $400 for this purpose due to various reasons like the use of a preservation box along with other factors. Some of the cleaners charge the same price for dry cleaning wedding dresses even if they have many layers, beaded and very sophisticated construction.

Factors affecting the cost


The cost of dry cleaning wedding gowns can mainly depend on two factors – materials used in them and the complexity of cleaning them.

Materials used in the wedding gown

The materials used in making the wedding gown can be one of the main factors that can influence its dry cleaning cost. The main reason behind the difference in cost can be the use of different types of cleaning solutions according to the type of fabric used in the gown. Most of the would-be brides usually choose fabric for their wedding dress from rayon, silk, wool, and linen, etc. All of these fabrics need a special type of cleaning to maintain their looks for a long time. They have to be dry cleaned due to the sophisticated nature of these fabrics. However, their cost can be reduced by negotiating with the service providers.

Complexity of cleaning

complexity of cleaning
complexity of cleaning

The complexity of cleaning the wedding gown can be the other most important factor that can influence the cost of dry cleaning it. If its design is very complex then it can increase the chances of blemishing the fabric or deterioration of the design. So, it can increase the cost of cleaning them effectively and carefully.

If the wedding gown has terribly deep stains which are not visible normally but can damage your wedding dress like the stains of sugar-saturated alcohol or champagne etc. then they can destroy your dress within next few months if they are not cleaned as soon as possible. You can recognize such stains by touching them. They can cause horrible tanned spots on your dress due to the oxidation of the liquid. However, these stains are not easily recognizable unless you know their cause.

Some stains are not easy to clean from your wedding gown even if nothing has spilled in it. Furthermore, you will have to dry clean the wedding dresses instantly after use if you are offering them on rent to the would-be brides so that you can find it intact next time. It is also important to handle and store the wedding dresses carefully to maintain their looks and fabric.


If the dust and dirt have accumulated on the exposed fabric then it can create bad stains that can also affect the looks of the filled or lined ornaments worn by the bride. Some of the dresses can be very difficult to clean thoroughly due to their extremely complicated design. Al such things can increase the cost of dry cleaning wedding gowns.

Moreover, the lack of adopting latest environment-friendly techniques has also affected the business of dry cleaning wedding gowns in many countries like the US during the last few years. They are still using cleaning agents like PERC or perchloroethylene that is dangerous for the environment due to its neurotoxic nature. It can cause various types of health problems like cancer in various body parts as well as memory loss after long term exposure to these chemicals. It can be another reason for the increasing cost of dry cleaning wedding gowns.

Thus the cost of dry cleaning wedding gown can vary depending on various factors discussed in this write-up. Though its standard cost varies between $150 and $200. All other factors will have to be considered if the service provider charges some additional cost.