How To Clean Your Curtain For The Coming Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a very important traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the first day of the year of the Chinese calendar. The Chinese New Year celebrations are normally celebrated in territories and countries that have significant Chinese population and that include countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore among other countries. Chinese New Year celebration is the longest and the most important celebrations in the Chinese calendar.

Chinese moth is reckoned by lunar calendar with each month beginning on the darkest day of the month. The festivities traditionally start from the first day of the month and continue until the 15th when the moon is brightest. Many people take weeks of holiday to prepare for and celebrate the New Year. When preparing for the New Year, one important thing that is very crucial is curtain cleaning. When the curtains in your house are clean they will actually compliment the overall beauty of the house. Curtains need to be cleaned as often as they tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust.

Check the label of your curtain.
Before you start cleaning your curtains make sure you check the label to find out the correct treatment. This because many curtains are made of materials and fabrics that actually make washing tricky or may even have a flame retardant treatment that could be compromised by wrong sort of wash. Some curtains are also sun-rotted and that means that they cannot be washed. Some curtains are machine washable and others are not. It is very important to check your curtain label to know the correct treatment before you start washing.

Check the fabric of your curtains.
Check the fabric of your curtains to see whether it is light or heavy. If your curtains are actually made up of light fabric such as silk or cotton, a gentle shake now and then will be enough to keep them clean. You can also vacuum them to keep them clean and dirt free. Before you go for any cleaning method make sure that you look at the attached tag for information on the best cleaning process that best suits the fabric of your curtain.

The fabric of your curtain will also determine if the curtain can be washed by washing machine or not. Washing machines often work best with lightweight curtains rather than heavy weight materials that retains water. Some fabric also need special attention when put in a washing machine. For instance, delicate cotton can shrink in hot wash. If the fabrics of your curtains are machine washable, wash them according to the instruction on the label care. Do not overload your washing machine because it can easily damage both the curtain being washed and the washing machine.

Use a suitable detergent.

When washing your curtains, ensure that you don’t select a gentle detergent with bleaching agents or optical brighteners. This is because brighteners and bleaching agent can easily affect the fabric color. Whether you are using a washing machine or you are hand washing your curtains make sure that you use soap or a laundry detergent that is specifically designed to wash curtains. Choose the best soap detergent to avoid damage of your curtains.

Use appropriate method when drying.
There are two methods of drying a curtain. You can either dry the curtain in clothes dryer on low settings or you can line dry them. Make sure you remove your curtains from the dryer before they are 100% dry. This is because over drying make wrinkles.

In conclusion, knowing the right way to clean your curtains will definitely extend their life. If your curtains are made up of very costly sensitive fabric, then it is better if you have them cleaned by a professional. This is because washing them at home might do more harm than good.

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