How To Remove Tough Stains On Wedding Dress

A wedding can be a big hit in your local town. However, cleanup process is usually a daunting task. If your wedding is taking place on grass or the wedding dress is quite long, then there are higher chances that your dress will have lots of stains. It is easy to remove stains with the common detergents. However, there are tough stains that pose difficult challenges in removing them.

The following are effective ways on how to remove tough stains on wedding dress:

Using a cleaner made of oxygen

This is a cost effective method in cleaning the fabrics. You can use a spoon and stir warm water with spoonful of powder. The mixture can be contained in small spray bottle. This method is easy to apply locally in Singapore. Using spray bottle, target stained areas of wedding dress. Allow for some time to take effect as per instructions of solution box. Finally, use warm water and rinse stained areas gently before you hang dry in sun for some time.

Professional dry-cleaner

If you are unable to remove stains on your won, you should take the dress to professional dry cleaners. These professionals will ensure that stains do not worsen or even cause irreversible damage. Most of the dry cleaners in Singapore have the expertise and equipments to remove tough stains on wedding dresses. Moreover, there are service providers that offer laundry facilities that are dedicated to the wedding dresses.

Using dryel

Dryel comes to every person’s mind as far as stain removal is concerned. This is not a new solution in Singapore and has been used widely by various people. It is commonly used on the delicate clothing such as wedding dresses. It comes with all things you require in removing stubborn stains. You are required to apply solution on stained spots and rub in clean pa, which comes in the kit. The pads are particularly created in order to absorb stains.

Using emergency care kit

There is nothing that is perfect. Problems can arise during the wedding and having your wedding dress stained is one of the common problems. You can avoid this shame by using your own assembled emergency care kit.

The kit should have the following:

· White cloths or cotton towels
· Off-white or white chalk
· Baby powder
· Denatured rubbing alcohol
· Stain removal wipes
· Cotton swabs
· Thread and needle
· Double sided tape
· A bar of soap

Precautions on How To Remove Tough Stains On Wedding Dress
Whenever you encounter a stain, act like a physician. First you should avoid doing more harm. You should never scrub or rub at the spot. This can make it spread or even force the stain to go deeper into fabric. It is advisable to use white towel to blot any moisture or dull knife to scrap away the residue gently. In case it is oily stain, you need to sprinkle it with a baby powder and blot with a white cloth. The white cloth will absorb the oil.

For the dresses made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, most of the stains are quite easy to remove as compared to those on satin or silk. Before trying any form of stain removal wipes, you need to test the underside hem to check whether there is damage or color change. If you are using hair dryer to dry the wet spot, you should keep about six inches from fabric. Placing it closer can damage or melt the trim.

Quick Fixes for the specific tough stains

There a number of ways on how to remove tough stains on wedding dress that can be applied during an emergency. They include:
· Red wine. Use white towel to absorb the stain as much as possible and then dab it gently with white cloth that is soaked in warm water from outer edges. You should cover any part of the stain with baby powder or chalk.

· Grease or oily food. Using a baby powder, which absorbs oil, dust the stain gently and then brush it away. Any remaining stain should be covered with baby powder or chalk.

No matter the amount of time you have, it is possible to save even on situations that seem impossible. If the stains are impossible, it is possible to hide them first. It is important to note that most people will be unable to notice the stain or any mishap as you do. Just keep it in perspective and you will have a wonderful day.

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