How To Wash Curtain With Rings

Cleaning curtains in Singapore could be a difficult task. This is not only because curtains are bulky but also because you will have to remove them from the housing rods. Before you begin the cleaning process, it is advisable that you first inspect them to ensure that they are fit to be washed. If you notice that the curtains are too old, then you should consider replacing them rather than washing them. Curtains can be washed in the drier or in the bathtub before being dried on a cloth line.
Inspecting the curtains prior to washing them is a welcome idea. You will notice that some curtains which have been excessively exposed to direct sunlight are so bleached such that they look damaged and worn out. Replacing such curtains with new ones would be the best idea. It is also important to understand the cleaning instructions as per manufacturer’s instructions. The following are the steps that you should follow in cleaning curtains with rings.

Cleaning them in a washing machine
Curtains that are lightweight can be cleaned in a washing machine as they do not retain so much water like the heavy ones do. It is also important to note that there are some specific materials that would require special attention prior to being subjected to machine washing. For instance, curtains that have been made with delicate cotton may shrink when washed in hot water. If such is the case, you should tune the machine to slow spin or delicate cycle. Curtains can be cleaned using normal detergents. Also note that is you are worried about the curtain fabric shrinking, you can always hand wash them.

Hand-wash the delicate curtains

Hand washing your curtains is not only tedious but also time consuming. However, it is favoured for the main reason that it helps prevent shrinking. While hand washing, you can use the ordinary washing detergents to get rid of all those stubborn stains. Take your time to ensure that you thoroughly clean the entire curtain fabric.

Cleaning heavy curtains

As we have mentioned earlier, the heavy curtains should be hand washed. If they are machine washed, they will retain plenty of water which could easily damage your washing machine. Most people prefer washing them in a bathtub. It is also a good idea to add fabric softener while cleaning them so as to soften the fabric and at the same time eliminated any foul smell that they could have absorbed.

Cleaning rusty rods and curtain rings

Metallic rods and rings are always at the risk of being affected by rust. That is the reason why they should be cleaned regularly. Vinegar is the most effective cleaning reagent that is used for this purpose. Also ensure that you rub soap on the rings to ensure that they run smoothly once again.

Steam cleaning of heavy curtains

Steam cleaning is most appropriate for cleaning curtain which are difficult to detach from the rail as well as the curtains which are made from heavy materials. To ensure that the job is done accordingly, you should select a cleaning appliance that comes with upholstery attachment. During cleaning, begin at the top as you work your way to the bottom. If you notice that the material is getting wet, you should hold the appliance further from the curtain. Do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions before operating the appliance.

Also note that steam could burn you and therefore you must be very careful during steam curtain cleaning. It is advisable that you wear protective cloths such as apron and gloves. Singaporeans are busy people and sometimes they may not get the time to wash their curtains. What you must note is that there are many laundry services that clean your curtains effectively. However, finding these good companies could be very challenging more so if you do not know what to look for. If you are looking for a good company to clean your curtains, you should look at the following features.

Reliable customer service:
A reliable curtain cleaning company must have a reliable customer care service. The customer care department should be operational 24 hours every day such that you can reach the company whenever you want. The customer care agents must also be conversant with the industry practices and company operations.

Up to date cleaning materials:

A good curtain cleaning company should employ modern cleaning technology to ensure that your curtains are properly cleaned and protected. The cleaning products used must therefore be safe on your carpet for example organic detergents. Organic detergents will not damage your carpets and they will not destroy the environment either. Your carpets are expensive and therefore they deserve proper cleaning and maintenance.

Quick service:

A good company should be able to clean your curtains within the shortest time period. The company should have proper strategies and strict timelines. You do not need to wait for days for your curtains to be cleaned.

Professional cleaners:

There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that curtains will be cleaned by a professional cleaner. A good cleaning company must have enough professionals who will ensure that every cleaning is done professionally. The cleaners must be highly trained with regard to the best cleaning procedures to ensure that your curtains will be safe and they will be cleaned properly. They should also be in a position to remove all those stubborn stains on your curtains.

Delivery options:

Most of the reputable curtain cleaning companies today have a pick-up as well as the delivery option. That is to mean that they will pick up the curtains from your premises and deliver them back once the cleaning is complete. This means that you do not have to spend an entire day in the house when the cleaning is ongoing. The company customer care agents should call you to advice on the best option for your specific cleaning needs.

Cleaning your curtains with rings in Singapore could be challenging task but the task is simplified if you employ the right company. Take your time and find a reliable curtain cleaning company.

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