Is Dry Cleaning Pickup Service Expensive?

Housekeeping and laundry cleaning used to be chores that people did on their own. However, those who live in this present fast life know that there is not enough time to partake in comprehensive housekeeping. The constant pressures and rushes of earning a better lining are pushing people to double shifts and tight work schedules, leaving minimal time for rest let alone doing laundry. Fortunately, there are various dry cleaners available and you do not have to worry about making time for dirty laundry anymore. Singapore is a rapidly growing country that is also affected by the fast life. Finding dry cleaning pickup services is therefore a usual phenomenon.

What entails a dry cleaning service in Singapore?

Dry cleaning services are basically contracted to take care of your dirty laundry including clothes, wall curtains, bedroom and bathroom linen, draperies, upholstery covers, floor carpets and rugs among others. The dirty laundry is piled and picked up from your residence, cleaned, ironed and delivered back to you looking sparkling clean and fresh. At Laundry Services, we specialize in availing our dry cleaning services for all sorts of home laundry for anyone in Singapore. We pick the laundry from your resident for cleaning before returning them cleaned and folded. Our services are very flexible and convenient. You can choose specific picking and delivery times that are convenient to your schedules or even make an arrangement for cleaning when you are not around. Our service list covers dry cleaning for men, women and children laundry and each piece of clothing is priced according to ease of dry cleaning and dirt. Dry cleaning services are not expensive in Singapore and our price rates are very affordable.

What to look for?

When seeking dry cleaning services, there are a number of considerations to make. Choose companies who are trustworthy and reliable. They should only use approved cleaning agents and products that have no negative impact on the laundry or environment. Green cleaning solutions are the best practices which we employ to ensure our clients laundry are sparkling clean when we deliver them back. Convenience is another consideration to assess. The modern trends feature laundry pickups that pick dirty items from residential areas and deliver them back after cleaning. We offer various pickups that operate very flexible routines and your convenience is our prime interest. Choose preferred picking and delivery times that suite your schedules so that you are home when we pick and deliver your laundry. There plans accommodate both same day and following day delivery. What this means is that you can attend your favourite event without worrying about going back home in time for delivery. Experience and professionalism are the next very important attributes to look for. Various fabrics will only be cleaned safely using a number of products. It is important to choose a cleaner who has profound understanding of different fabrics, designs, colours and pigments among other laundry properties. This will ensure your laundry does not get old sooner as a result of poor dry cleaning techniques. They should also have experience in ironing and folding of different types of clothes in order to keep original design properties intact.

Benefits of dry cleaning services

The advantages derived from using the services of expert dry cleaners are quite straightforward. You will enjoy a constant supply of clean clothes, furniture upholstery and covers, wall nets and draperies, door mats and rugs and even small dry cleanable fabric carpets. What’s more, the laundry will be cleaned and returned at convenient times which mean you do not have to worry about planning for cleaning. These services make time for you to concentrate on other activities without breaking your tight schedules to tend to laundry. When you consider the convenience of having all your dirty laundry cleaned and delivered, time saved and reduced costs of cleaning agents, dry cleaning services are simply worthwhile. At Laundry Services, we understand the need to save time in activities like laundry cleaning. We therefore offer a range of affordable laundry services to ensure our clients have constant supply of clean, fresh laundry whenever they need them, wherever they want them picked and delivered.


You can never escape cleaning your laundry unless you pick professional dry cleaners to handle that activity. The emphasis should be on choosing vigilant reliable companies that can be trusted to offer convenient pick up and delivery times as well as affordable rates. When these features do not exist, you should probably check other available options. Dry cleaning pickup services in Singapore are therefore very convenient and not in any way expensive.

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