The Pros And Cons Of Dry Cleaning

The fast lifestyle, industrial developments and the hustle and bustle of Singapore has lead to quite a remarkable increase in the number of people hiring dry cleaning services for their clothes instead of washing them at home. Although not every clothing item requires dry cleaning, it works towards maintaining their beauty. However, there still are many who find professional dry cleaning services to be a matter of luxury. Actually, if you gain a deeper insight into the subject, you’ll observe that it comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s discuss both, dry cleaning pros and cons to help you figure out what suits your laundry cleaning requirements.

Pros of Dry Cleaning Service

Apart from offering you with clothes that look as new as their store-bought versions, below are the major pros of dry cleaning and how can the service benefit you.

1. Dry Cleaning is Super Convenient

The most amazing thing about opting for dry cleaning of your clothes is that you don’t need to spend hours in washing them all by yourself, as a dedicated service gets it all done for you. In fact, some Singapore laundry cleaning services can simply pick-up your clothes from home and deliver them later as and when it suits you. It’s just a matter of a quick phone call or an email, and the executives are right at your doorstep.

2. Gentle on Clothes

Unlike machine wash where the cloth fibers and material tends to get worn out over time due to action of water, strong detergents or bleaches, the dryer and heat, dry cleaning is very gentle on the clothes. Not only are the dry cleaning solvents less abrasive for the clothes, but also more environment-friendly than traditional washing products.

3. Great Expertise

Dry cleaning services hold great expertise in the job they are engaged in, taking good care of the cloth fabrics as well as ensuring a thorough stain removal without compromising on the quality of the cloth. Expert laundry cleaning services use high-end cleaning technologies that are different for different types of fabrics, including Lycra, silk, rayon, pure cotton, angora, wool, and faille. Not only does dry cleaning offer great results but also prevents any color bleeding or shrinking of the clothes.

4. Thoroughness
Even the most complex of stain removals are performed by professional dry cleaning with great ease, while ensuring proper finishing and inspection of the cloth at the same time. Not only does a dry cleaning service clean the item thoroughly, but also irons them to remove any wrinkles, thereby getting the cloth totally wear-ready for you.

5. Gets Rid of Bad Odour

No matter how much one washes the clothes, certain odors that involve smoke or water damage might prove to be a troublesome affair to get rid of. But, dry cleaning can deal with all kinds of fabric odors just right, holding epertise in odor removal caused by mud, smoke or other spillage even if they have stayed in the fabric for a long time. One of the most advanced process to get rid of such odors is the use of ozone generators that get the task done by oxidizing the smell.

6. Preservation Service

Quality dry cleaning services in Singapore offer their customers with moth-proofing facilities too. So, one can choose to preserve certain clothes that are meant for special occasions such as bridal wear, or luxurious designer dresses if required.

6. No Water

Washing clothes in the machine calls for loads of water, which in turn can fade the colors and break down or shrink the fabric. On the other hand, dry cleaning ensures that there isn’t any risk of the cloth being altered in terms of its size of apperance.

7. Makes Fabric Last Longer
Dry cleaning removes all the ground-in dirt, stains and grime from your clothes. As a result, the fabric tends to last much longer than going for a regular machine wash. Dry cleaning extends the overall life of the garment, making them look new and fresh.

8. Works Even for Large and Heavy Clothes

Several items such as floor rugs, large mats, slipcovers, over-sized quilts and other laundry that can’t be washed at home can be handled by professional dry cleaners almost effortlessly.

Drawbacks of Dry Cleaning

At the end of the day, dry cleaning has also got a few minor cons or drawbacks associated with it. Take a glance at the cons, while also learning how to manage them.

1. Dry Cleaning is a bit Costly

It surely may seem to be an expensive affair to go for dry cleaning than a simple home wash. But preserving the quality, color and the textures of the fabric over time holds much importance. Paying fee for professional dry cleaning and getting all the menacing stains removed is much less than spending on a new one.

2. Solvents

Safety of the solvents used in dry cleaning is another major con of the service. However, with the increasing emphasis on environmental concerns, most laundry cleaning services in Singapore are opting for more eco-friendly and safer alternatives so that they meet the different regulations set by the government.

3. Not the Ultimate Solution Everytime

There’s no doubt that dry cleaning is excellent, but it might not be the ultimate solution every single time. There are some types of stains or dirt that dry cleaning cannot remove, and neither can several other cleaning methods. However, is known for its ability to remove majority of the stains, which other methods cannot. It would be very helpful if clients inform the dry cleaning service of the type of stains they want to get rid of or what brought the stain up. It would allow the services to choose the right solvents and the right technique to get it all done.

Taking a look at the aforesaid dry cleaning pros and cons, it can be concluded that the benefits of the service are far more significant than the drawbacks. Plus, the cost of dry cleaning has become highly competitive over time with the growing number of laundry cleaning services in Singapore. Most of them also use environment-friendly products that make their high-end techniques even better. Undoubtedly, hiring dry cleaning services not only saves a great deal of time and effort, but also keeps amazing care of your clothes and other laundry items.

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