Pros & Cons On Dry Cleaning Service

Singapore is one of the most developed cities across the globe boasting of stability and fast-growing economy. It is only fitting that along with its development comes a vast number of expatriates and working migrants who prefer living in its industrial hubs. Within these business centers, the number of people using dry cleaning service has also burgeoned over time. If you are new to the area and contemplating on whether to pursue this service, it is imperative that you learn a few things about its pros and cons to help you form a much informed decision.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Service 

Let us carefully layout the advantages of utilizing dry cleaning service when living in one of Singapore’s business hubs.

1. Convenience
Unknown to others, there are dry cleaning services in Singapore that go the “extra mile” in customer care. Instead of dropping off your clothes and picking them up at a designated time, a dry cleaner can now pick-up your clothes or rugs and deliver them on a time convenient to you. All you need to do is make a call or send an email request to the dry cleaner and voila! Crisp and clean clothes or Oriental rugs right at your doorstep. Some even offer 24-hour services to accommodate urgent needs.

2. Expertise
DIY may sound noteworthy but if you want expert care of fabrics and proper stain removal without damaging the cloth, dry cleaning service is the way to go. These cleaners are equipped with the latest cleaning technologies and knowledgeable on various fabrics. Whether silk, rayon, lycra or pure cotton, wool, faille or angora, these professionals know precisely what to do to ensure sound results and preventing shrinkage, color bleed or change of texture at the same time.

3. Thoroughness
Apart from thoroughness in complex stain removal, professional dry cleaning services also ensure proper finishing and inspection of your clothing or dry cleaned material. Quality is their middle name thus, inspection is done rigorously to ensure that the product is thoroughly cleaned, pressed with nary a sign of wrinkle and possesses a seemingly brand-new appearance.

4. Clothing Preservation
Most Singapore dry cleaning services also offer moth-proofing services and other preservation specifications for special occasion clothing. Bridal gowns, prom dresses, and family heirlooms usually request for this type of service.

5. Removal of Malodorous Smell
There are establishments that specialize in removal of odor caused by smoke or mud or other aspects that bring in nostril-flaring smell. Some make use of ozone generators to oxidize the smell which, by the way, is the safest and most effective process.

6. Extending Life of Garment
There is no truth behind the thought that frequent dry cleaning can damage clothes or any fabric. It can even do the opposite. Frequent dry cleaning extends life of the garment through thorough removal of ground-in dirt, grime and stains.

7. Clothing Storage
Some dry cleaners also offer garment storage. Your out-of-season items can be stored in one of their vaults that are designed to preserve and protect it from any harm.

 Drawbacks of Dry Cleaning

Like other services, there are also certain drawbacks to dry cleaning. One of such is the associated cost. Indeed, it can be costly at first glance but if you take important considerations like preserving fabric quality, color, and texture of the dress or rug and other belongings that might require such, you can actually save a lot. You can simply pay a meager fee for dry cleaning a corner rug or a three-piece suit to remove wine stains, instead of buying a new one.

Another drawback is that of the safety of solvents used. Concerns over the use of perc have continually resurfaced all throughout the net when the concept of dry cleaning is brought up. Take into mind, however, that most dry cleaners in Singapore are using safer and greener alternatives to ensure meeting government regulations distinctive in this island nation.


Undoubtedly, the advantages of dry cleaning outweigh its drawbacks. With the number of dry cleaners in Singapore, cost of such services has also become more competitive over the years. With the country’s drive and stringent rules on eco-friendliness, most dry cleaners also adapt utilization of environment-friendly products and solvents in addition to their state-of-the-art facilities to deliver great results.

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