Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker

Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker – A majority of businesses will be allowed to resume operations when Phase 2 of the Circuit Breaker begins on June 19.

When the circuit breaker ended, the country is slowly moving towards the new normal. One business that will certainly resume is laundry service as everyone needs to get their clothes cleaned and dried.

Besides, it is important to keep everything as clean as possible so that any trace of the virus will be removed. Here are a few things to keep in mind when laundry service resumes:

Limited Capacity

Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker

For those going to places to get their laundry done, it is important to note the place will have a maximum capacity. The number of people allowed inside would depend on the laundromat.

When that happens, better make sure you brought an umbrella if the weather is too hot. There is always the possibility that it may rain too. Patience is needed for this type of situation as you will need to wait for your turn to be called inside the laundromat.

Lessen Trips

Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker

It would be awesome if you can bring as many clothes as you can for each trip so you can lessen the amount of trips you would need to take to the laundromat. Besides, we should not go out as much anymore.

As much as possible, it would be advisable to stay at home unless it is something important. Thus, better lessen the number of times you go out so the chances of getting the virus is also slim. This is a time when delivery services are expected to boom.

Also, one household should just send one person to do the chore. It would not make sense to send two people unless the amount of clothes is really heavy.

Use Face Mask

As we enter the new normal in Singapore, everyone is required to wear a face mask when leaving your home. It is not a good thing to get used to but we must all do it until a vaccine is found for the COVID-19.

You can’t blame yourself if you have a hard time recognizing other people wearing face masks. It is difficult since the masks cover one half of the face. It would even be more difficult if the person is wearing a face shield.

Other than wearing a face mask, other safety precautions need to be observed like avoid touching your face and frequently washing your hands. It will only take you 20 seconds to making sure your hands are completely clean anyway.

Thus, better make sure that happens with the right soap.

Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker – Conclusion

Things to Know When Laundry Service is Allowed After Circuit Breaker

Now that those things are out of the way, it is time to go to the laundromat to have all those clothes cleaned. Having a huge pile of dirty laundry in your place is never a good thing. There is a chance it could attract pests to come to your house.

Therefore, you are going to worry about a lot of other things other than the virus. There are some laundromats that offer home service. Better limit the amount of interaction when they do come to your house as we get set for Phase 3 which is the new normal.

Social distancing will need to be practiced for quite a long time. This means you should make sure that you are at least 2 meters away from the person standing next to you.

The novel coronavirus has taken the world by storm as more than 471000 people have died from it and more than 7 million got infected with it. The United States has the largest death tool as more than 112,000 people have succumbed to the virus there.

The bad news is that some countries are not good at containing countries like what Singapore has done. Some countries have yet to lift the lockdown and it may be a few more months before they do.

There are 26 casualties in Singapore and the country owes this to its citizens’ strong immune system.

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