Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes – Clothes with worn-out fabric and faded colors are not liked by anyone in this world. When it comes to washing winter clothes it is important to make them look new. Some winter clothes laundry tips are provided in this write-up so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

You should put your clothes like coats, shoes, and suits, etc. to get air for a minimum of 30 minutes before storing them, when you have changed them. For this purpose, you can hang them on hangers or a rack. You can maintain their looks by avoiding throwing them on a chair or bed.
To allow your winter clothes to regain shape and breathe you should use them in rotation.

You should not leave your garments near the window or in the closet with its light on as any kind of light. Whether the light is from the sun or any other source, it can fade the colors of your garments. The main reason behind it is that dyes are usually sensitive to any light.

You should avoid spraying hair spray or perfume on you after getting dressed up. Most of the sprays have alcohol which can stain, fade, or discolor your clothes.

Before storing winter clothes for next season always clean them as they can attract insects due to stains of food and beverages on them.

You should store clothes in cotton bags instead of plastic covers to avoid mildew on them caused by humidity entrapped in them.

Tips for laundering winter clothes at home

The winter clothes laundry tips provided here under can help you in maintaining their new-like looks.

Wash winter clothes in cold water

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

Your winter clothes can wear out fast if you wash them in hot water. You should wash them in cold water unless they are too much soiled like gardening clothes, baseball uniforms, and really dirty sheets. Washing winter clothes do not harm them even if it is suggested to wash them in hot water. Coldwater can strengthen the threads of the fabric along with cleaning it efficiently as well as avoid their deterioration before time.

Use front-loading washing machine

Though top-loading washing machines can also clean your clothes but they can damage the fabric. They have an agitator that pulls around your clothes which can cause problems by tangling with other clothes. So, instead of a top-loading machine, you should use a front loading machine to wash your winter clothes safely at home. Front-loading washers work like a dryer which tumbles your clothes in and out of the water with its gravitational force.

Turn your clothes inside-out before washing

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

While washing clothes it is important to protect their exterior as it helps in establishing the looks of your clothes. So before washing them, you should turn them inside-out as it can protect their prints as well as embellishments from getting snagged and tangled.

Avoid using chlorine-based bleach

In order to remove stubborn stains from your clothes, you should use natural bleach like vinegar instead of chlorinated bleach to make them look brighter and avoid their wearing out.

Dry clothes in the air

While washing your winter clothes at home you should allow them to dry in the air instead of a dryer. The heat of the dryer can damage the fabric of the clothes with time. Even an electric dryer can be harmful to them as it can cause fading, weakening of the fiber and shrinkage in the long run. So to maintain the looks of your winter clothes you should air dry them or use the dryer at lowest heat settings if you cannot air dry them.

Treat the stains before washing the clothes:

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes

Stains and spills on your clothes can ruin them if you do not treat them before washing. You should follow the instructions provided by the garment company in this regard. You should not use one method to treat every stain on every garment as every garment and stain can be unique.

Follow care directions on the label

Winter clothes laundry instructions are provided on the label of most of the winter garments to maintain their looks for a long time by washing them safely and effectively.

Washing & Maintaining Winter Clothes – Conclusion

Thus by following winter clothes laundry tips providing in their write-up can help you in maintaining their new-like looks.

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